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11/22/2021 c31 Guest
Give hinata the tenseigan please
10/12/2021 c2 Cyan-Snake
Immediately loses his temper. Not just explaining instead of dragging it out. This seems like it would have been a good read if this OC wasn't a complete idiot.
10/12/2021 c1 Cyan-Snake
What trash. Announcing that you are there instead of just killing the guy? Using your hidden blades to block a butchers knife instead of just taking a step sideways? This guy was supposed to be an assassin, not another Naruto character.
10/7/2021 c5 Guest
I'm loving this story so far. It's very unique.
9/18/2021 c1 Noneofit
Cliche af. Also bashing is for shit writers.
8/3/2021 c8 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
"Descanza en la Paz" no one really says that. It is "Descanza en Paz"
8/3/2021 c5 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
"Maldito sea" is the correct. "Seo" is not correct. Nice chapter.
7/30/2021 c49 5Robin the Ylissian Grandmaster
Every time a new chapter is posted my day gets a little better and it's worth the wait. might go back and reread this story because I like it so much.
7/28/2021 c49 Guest
It Is a good chapter don't beat yourself, i hope you can continue this fanfic and your family and Life get Better, have a nice day and stay safe
7/26/2021 c49 demoncreater2002
Damn. I cannot believe I slept on the story. Need more! Please post soon!
7/24/2021 c49 egemsuperstar
That was great. Hinata diplomatically telling her tormentors to f%ck off was cathartic. I'm sure I mentioned this last time but I'm glad Naruto and Tsunade are getting the tools they need to start to heal. I also liked hearing your take on why she decided to study medical ninjustsu. I genuinely enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for sharing and have a nice day.
7/21/2021 c49 AvatarUzumaki
worth the wait for this chapter. glad to see Narutos chosen family is there fo help him. what will be tsunades decision? will she get over her fear of blood on her own? and what will happen in taki? will konoha get there in time to help?
7/20/2021 c49 Seiho Byakko
damn man you have come a long way from your old fics. Your attention to detail and now tackling matters of mental health and ptsd are incredible. I sincerely hope you continue to write as you are immensely talented
7/20/2021 c49 8CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el capítulo como le va a todos los asesinos en la aldea que esta pasando ahí y que esta haciendo para aumentar sus fuerzas que sucede en konoha que pasa con taki y que sucederá en los cambios que se acercan
7/20/2021 c49 4Eltyr
Good transition chapter. Cool to see that Yugito and Iruka are getting serious with their relationship! I'm intrigued by the land of Snow foreshadowing, I'm excited to see if the Assassins will eventually be able to make use of the tech from that region. Raphael's plans of expansion are reminding me of the region conquest mini game from Brotherhood onwards.

I knew the Hyuga meeting was going to go the way it did, and I'm glad Hinata got to give them a big 'hell no.'

The Taki foreshadowing has me worried for Fun, but I also see opportunities arising from it. If the Assassins can reach Fu, or establish a foothold in Taki that'd be a boon, but are they ready to tangle with the Immortal Duo of the Aukatski? I certainly look forward to finding out! Take care, Leaf!
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