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8/21/2015 c3 Caila Hawthorn
By the way, your author's note at the start of chapter one made me laugh more than anything in the fanfic ;) XD
8/21/2015 c3 Caila Hawthorn
I have to say, when I saw that the characters all became human, I almost stopped reading.
Well, I'm glad I didn't. I'm a big Scar x Shenzi fan, and it's really hard to find fanfics about them. I would have preferred them in their human form, but this was cuter than what I thought! Please continue :)
11/21/2012 c1 2LionKingFactsGuy2
And Ahadi is still a jerk. Humph. Anyway it's nice to see you writing a little bit again. I told so many people about your stories especially the trio's series and the bloopers. I really hope you'll put up new chapters for the trilogy and the bloopers. Oh and how sad you have fallen to the dark side. Joking. ;D
11/20/2012 c1 11D4rK Sid3
I had the pleasure to read this for the first time in . Its longer than this, so if anyone is reading my reviews, expect much more. Its very good written and I have always loved tearth style, so ladies and gentleman. Enjoy.

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