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for Tansy Running High

12/1/2012 c11 1Ichai
Every day for the last week, this has been the bright spot of my morning. Thanks for this.
11/29/2012 c10 FreelanceBum
Amusing mind battle, pretty much figured it out once we saw WA was empty.

It is interesting to see one of her greatest desires in Zenith and Sahar back together.
11/29/2012 c9 2Angurvddel
... Well that was a cliffhanger. I sorta kinda want more. And by sorta kinda, I mean a whole lot.

I've never read Whatley Academy, and... in a lot of ways, I don't want to at this point. Seeing someone go down the right road and then reading about them going down the _wrong_ road after isn't all that fun.

Still, reading about Tansy's turnaround (And she certainly gave a pretty damn bad first impression) has been great.

It's been especially amusing the few times where Fenryk has been the one to tamp _down_ on Tansy's new heroic tendencies. I find that I like her a lot more than I like most characters.
11/29/2012 c9 FreelanceBum
Wow, amusingly epic. How unlike Tansy from canon.
11/28/2012 c8 FreelanceBum
I just realized I had read other stories of yours, such as the "The Night The House of Cards Was Built." Lo and behold you were the one I was talking to as BobVosh on the forums for this story, amusing to have found you here, DLP, and crystal hall.
11/27/2012 c7 ariel stormcloud
great story
11/26/2012 c6 pcody
Typo in ch6:
your shields are fine better than last year in fact
-should have a ";" after "fine"
11/25/2012 c5 pcody
The first 5 chapters are very impressive. Even without knowing the source material, you tell a compelling story with vivid imagery. I look forward to future updates.

The weakest aspect thus far is some of the revenge plot threads against the Alphas, but maybe that is just my unfamiliarity with the underlying story.
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