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for I Can Tell By The Way You Carry Yourself

12/8/2012 c1 19mckono4ever
I am so happy the writers are putting more McKono in the show. Great story! All McKono and fluffy! One of my favorite types!
11/26/2012 c1 lizzyw
good story n cute. will u have more? like steve and kono a lot!
11/24/2012 c1 34Tiana-P
Eeeek! Your codas and re-writes of the recent eps are amazing! This was brilliant, and I totally love the idea of Steve taking care of Kono when they go home, making her dinner and buying her favorite dessert for her. So sweet! Their domesticity is just perfect. I'm in love with it :D Even without the sex, that massage sounded hot :P Just saying, I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of one of those hehe. Great fic!
11/23/2012 c1 Guest
I won't lie, the massage that Steve gave Kono got me thinking of sliiiightly dirty thoughts lol! That aside, what a lovely ending this is to the episode. I admit I was a little nervous from reading your summary and seeing the fluff warning, but I really needn't have worried, since the fluff turned out in such a beatuiful way, not over the top or exaggerated. Very nicely done!
11/23/2012 c1 36francis2
Awww. I guess he had some bruises too from that stunt, but wouldn't admit it.
11/23/2012 c1 3TvFanatic97
I'm so glad that you're getting inspiration to write more McKono stuff!

It doesn't matter that it was mainly fluff, the whole episode was pretty action packed so the fluff was a nice extra touch to add to it. I'm also glad that you decided to write this with Steve taking care of her (I love McKono fics were they take care of each other) because in the episode it was clear that he was concerned for her and you elaborated on that and created this masterpiece. It's also great that you addressed the fact that Kono didn't go to the hospital and was going to need care.

I love the simple domesticity of their living arrangements; they come from chasing and shooting bad guys etc. to their home and there they don't have to deal with all these situations. I also loved their little routine once they get home with Kono showering whilst Steve prepares dinner then them eating together. You still managed to keep their characters in tact despite writing them in such a sweet, domestic situation.

It's really sweet how Steve expressed how he was worried for her when she was taken and even though you wrote them as a couple, you didn't make Steve sound OOC in the way he expressed his concern. I love how Kono knew what to say to calm him and to get him not to over-think it and worry himself into oblivion. I loved how Kono changed subject so the air was much lighter because I easily picture her being that way following a tense, serious conversation.

I hope they show more episode like "Ohuna" so you can keep getting inspired to write more McKono stuff!
11/23/2012 c1 jmlane1966
Wish this is how the episode had ended. Love the way you write these two.
11/22/2012 c1 1AlwayzOlicity
Loved it! I love when people rewrite episodes with Steve and Kono together.
11/22/2012 c1 Janessa
This is a really great piece. it was cute how he looked after her and expressed his worries. I am not a Steve/Kono fan but after watching the previous episode and how he heroically went after her it did make me think about it more. They are are growing on me bit by bit. After reading this I am warming up to them much more! Thank you.
11/22/2012 c1 Shani8
What a beautifully written story! Thanks for giving us what canon sadly lacks. I enjoyed this very much.

Kudos to you for capturing Steve, Kono and their relationship to perfection!


-Shani :)
11/22/2012 c1 Dracomione-KoVeLover
Love it!
Especially this part... "What I have in mind is going to wear your body out even more..."
11/22/2012 c1 41quisinart4
I'm so happy we're seeing more fic from you! :D And the great ep was a great inspiration and I love reading already established Steve/Kono from you because you write them so well. They're still awesome and kick butt and do their jobs, they just come home together and have dinner together and take care of each other's injuries. It doesn't change who they are at all and you write that domestic and sweet side so well, it's the absolute best.

( "I figured you'd want one after the day you had. Besides, it was the easiest, fail proof way to get you to comply." Kono only rolls her eyes at his meticulous strategy for everything.)

Lol so cute! And so thoughtful of him to get her dessert after the day she's had. He knows her well!

I just cannot stop grinning my face off at the visual of him attacking her with the Neosporin and her pushing him away and him calling her a big baby! It's just too cute and I love the idea that they can patch each other up and tease each other and smile through it all. That just makes me so so happy cause they deserve that to come home to after a long day. I can't stop smiling at that mental image so thank you for it!

(Very few people knew this, but Steve could give a mean massage. The contrast never fails to amaze Kono; her boyfriend could literally kill people with his bare hands when the occasion called for it, yet away from the job those same hands catered to her with incredible gentleness.)

Okay new McKono detail in my head that her killer boyfriend gives the best massages! :D

I love how wonderfully you handled their conversation about the case and how worried they were. Not overdone or dramatic, just sharing a few words in their fears and so glad to be in each other's arms now. That's exactly how I want to imagine them in my head when they get together (well, get together in our heads since I doubt the show will ever go that way, grrr) and you wrote it all so perfectly. Thanks so much for this! Please keep writing, I'd love to see what else you come up with :)
11/22/2012 c1 maggiemcgarrett
great steve and kono story .
11/21/2012 c1 7teenycee
I was waiting for any one of my fave writers to write a coda on this week's ep, and I'm so glad that you did! This is so cute! I love that Steve took care of her since she didn't want to go to the hospital, and I love how you had him say that she scared him when she jumped off of the truck. I wanted him to worry so bad. Eeeek! This was great. Thanks for posting/writing this!
11/21/2012 c1 41robinh
Hey Hey !
I knew you would write something for this episode. You had to. Brilliant!
I was great. This episode was the best in the season - by far. I enjoyed it so much.
I simply love the way you just decided to throw all the problematic stuff from the current season and concentrate on the McKono angle! beautiful. I loved it. It was fluffy indeed, but hell! we are entitled to it, after all the abuse we endured... I loved the way you wrote them back at home, in their usual routine. The domestic atmosphere was great, very cute and warm and beautiful. I loved the descriptions, because they gave it all a sense of reality. I loved the way Steve was treating her and caring for her, she deserves it so much. I loved that they were so close, and talked about their day. I simply loved it (if you didn't quite get it by now... hmmm).
Thank you so much for writing this, it was a small intimate piece, that I really was hoping will come out of this wonderful episode.
Well done.

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