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8/5 c17 1mayawene
thank you
3/11/2020 c17 2liza123
Thank you. thoroughly emjoyed
7/24/2017 c1 ganymede88
You did it once again! You captivated my imagination and made my day a whole lot brighter! Thank you so much for your stories I just hope there would be more!
2/19/2017 c17 Alex
This was a brilliant story; you have some true talent.
7/5/2015 c17 Fleecy
I wish these characters were on the show
5/2/2015 c17 6fsdgkjhgskgbh
Really love this story :) can you imagine Nicks face when he realises Renard knew he was using his pheromones on him in the office. And getting all flustered like 'no I swear I wasn't hitting on you I was just messing with you' and Renard would totally already know this but would let him stumble and stutter away anyway haha but seriously I'm reading my way through all your stuff and absolutely love it
1/30/2015 c17 All The Pretty Horses
I literally laughed myself to tears during the second half of this chapter. The play and the events before/after it was the funniest thing I've read in a very long time.
1/29/2015 c9 All The Pretty Horses
I know I'm not the first reviewer to say this, but it must be said again. Your OCs are amazing!
1/28/2015 c2 All The Pretty Horses
I've been binge-reading your work and I love it! It's wonderful and I can't stop smiling. Theo is the best!
1/10/2015 c17 114Scififan33
Great story! Very fun. Glad Sean came clean to Nick
10/30/2014 c17 43satomika
Nice !

This is genius !

So you're definitely a genius !

You're awesome and cool!

I absolutely LOVE this fic !
9/5/2014 c17 2Jonis
Love it.
6/6/2014 c12 2Biichi-gi
Sprawl unconscious in the sunlight! HA! We always prefer to call it 'plaiting of the sun' per Zenna Henserson's The People.
Sounds more cool than the other option.
6/6/2014 c11 Biichi-gi
I liked the part where Remus pointed out the numerous similarities in Sean and Nick's life and actually rather had one feeling sorry that Sean got the bad end of that stick. Nice turn, that.
And Renard is an OCD? Sadly, I believe it.
It gonna hit the fan now. Man, when you do intense...
6/5/2014 c4 Biichi-gi
I am reading this way beyond the original write but I just loved the SuperHeroes moms and Dads getting involved in their fights. It was so cute.
And question: just when did Nick develop Grimm pheromones? Never saw that one coming. Though I think he's cute as a little bug-in-a-rug.
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