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5/5/2016 c1 1FearlessLeader-Leonardo
Hahaha XDD oh god that was good!
9/10/2015 c1 4Vi-Violence
Very nice.
12/23/2012 c1 zrexheartz
11/27/2012 c1 1mystryl-shada
This is the funniest thing I've read in awhile, and I have to say I love your writing style. Imaginative and witty; I can just see these things happening as you describe them. I also love how each section has its own feel and flavor and yet stay so true to the individual turtle's personality. I also find it amusing to think of Donny as an early-morning monster if denied his coffee.
11/23/2012 c1 9TimidBookworm
lol, oh these were too fun! I especially liked the Raph and Donny ones. I hope you'll continue with these. :)
11/22/2012 c1 19The Creepy-Psycho-Loner
No Reviews? What. The. Shell? I didn't see any typos or things of that nature (not that I was looking anyway).

Leo is always the calm and collected one, that's why I'm least surprised that he would rather drink tea than coffee. I love how you portrayed his personality right on point. Bravo (Think you could give me pointers on that?)

I couldn't help but to smile on Raphs story. I always love his 'single adventures'. The way he's so hot-headed but I so... caring for the citizens. I could imagine him smiling after that kind action the woman made. It was sweet!

O.o Okay, Donny... Why am I surprised? I mean, its a typical and well suspected over reaction. I'd go crazy if someone stole my marshmallow stash *glances around paranoid*. Yeeeah so I applaud this scene for it is absolutely brilliant and well written.

I can TOTALLY see this happening! Mikey, being the already hyper turtle he is, on caffine (especially coffee) is like putting sonic the hedgehog on crack! I love the way you did his californian surfer accent that I still have to work on. Mikey on Caffine is SO underrated! :)

EEEEEEEEK! *ahem* Excuse me... Now I must go! FAREWELL and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

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