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10/25/2014 c2 4Hekka
Yeah. How to study of Jotun help anyone of them understand Loki, who was brought up and lived all his life as an as. Or did Thor and Sif really believe that Jotnar not have any feelings besides unquenchable desire to slaughter and destruction? How quickly they forgot about the millennia of life side by side with thir brother/friend.
Seth already big girl, she should know by now that no one are born as monster (people make their monsters on their own). And even given her childish opinion, it was not right for Loki to wish get rid of monsters (and if it was Thor, he would have been an example of heroism).
10/25/2014 c1 Hekka
"You must understand that it is a hard thing to accept" - so wise words. But of course Sif never occurred that Loki got the worst part of the deal.
And here we go again: Loki's betrayal, Loki's crimes...
I beg your pardon but I thought it was pretty obvious that it was Thor who in essentially unleashed a new war between Asgard and Jotunheim (simultaneously killing indefinite quantity of jotnar).
Sif so confidently clings at Loki's betrayal of their partnership (friendship, whatever). But what about their (her) betrayal? They did so first. Not only they had violated the will of two kings (proving that they are true - blindly and reckless - not to Asgard, and not even to their king Odin, but to the one who considers appropriate to start a war due childish insult ... It is instead to help the one who are supposed to be their friend, when on his shoulders fell the burden of kingdom and military conflict, commenced by wanna-be-king-Thor (and all this on the basis of Sif's conviction in her own right, Hogun's support and no real facts).
As far as I can tell, Loki expected that in the heat of anger Thor will try to break the direct prohibition of their father about visiting of Jotunheim, and he would be detained by Heimdall, before the arrival of Odin. But then Heimdall - who claims his loyalty to Allfather - committed treason by allowing hotheaded Thor go in the forbidden realm (and ease with which Heimdall did so leaves me with the feeling that the gatekeeper not once indulge heir's desires. Probably I will not be wrong to assume who was one to rescued - probably not once - Thor and his cohort from the deserved punishment - and hardly saw any kind of appreciation for it: it's so not honorable to equivocate and dodge. And yet Sif's appeal to Loki showed that they expect him to get Thor - or them, or both - out of trouble).
And about Destroyer ... am I only one to think that if Loki wanted Thor to die, it would have happened? It got rid of the three trained Jotuns for less than a minute. Yet it did not cause any serious damage to Sif and her friends ... It's not even killed one of SHIELD - aside of blew up their cars. And give enough time to evacuate citizens. So when the Destroyer "fought" with the infamous quartet, it not slipped but missing on purpose. Because let's be serious - Thor was a mere mortal. So, if it was a fatal hit, by the moment when Jane get to him, Thor would not be alive.
And if none of the alleged family and friends of Loki did not understand this, then Loki really was right about his whole life being nothing more than one big lie.

And I somehow doubt that all Asgard dislike Loki (there are as many opinions as people). Rather, they are by default considered Loki as second best, because of his unusual for Asgard ways. Or there would there be others as gatekeeper and quartet. And the guards handed Gugnir not Frigga but Loki (and I have not noticed any wishing to edify/instruct new regent in such difficult times - that speaks of confidence). Though of course there are those who reasonably fear the second prince: Thor difficult to manage, but is possible. What can't be said about Loki (as I understand he is able to see the lie). And self-critical person as Loki certainly more notice negative reviews than otherwise.
Soooo as I can see it, Asgard actually condemns Loki for what he failed to destroy the hated race of monsters, despite all his planning (although now jotnar just aren't able to conduct any war). And for what he was trying to get rid of a competitor for the throne (along with Thor returned his quartet. And I somehow doubt that Sif does not distribute her own opinion as a true fact - of course not in front of Thor but still. And because of this the details of his last confrontation with his brother certainly remain private).
4/4/2013 c3 Sage of Wind Dragons
yeah If I was Loki kill Thor and Odin and all the norms and make sure you never see hide nor tail of Sif nor Figga, seriously if they do this or are this arrogant Rangock in a lot of ways would be a blessing, fresh start and all.
nice little piece here by the way thanks
3/13/2013 c3 17kriitikko
Okay, finally got throught this oh so long incredibly long it's so long chapter. XP

So what did I think of the ending? Well, honestly, I almost feel like locking your writing only Thor fanfics forever because you really rock in this element. You just get these characters and motivations. You fleshed Sif out so perfectly that she became an actual character to me, instead of the warrior woman constantly arguing from the movie (lol). And you never tried to beg sympathy for Loki, which is good because no one who is counted among top 10 comic book villains should get. He was his own snarky, angry and mean self.

I think you mentioned that you're planning a third part for this story? If so I say go for it because this just really feels to be your thing and you do amazing job with it, even making a passive fan like me (meaning I only know of Thor because he is part of Marvel) interested.

That said there was one little thing that confused me a bit. "Asgard was aware of the threat of Thanos, who coveted the Tesseract greatly, but now that the mighty weapon was in Asgardian hands, they did not fear the enemy, for they were more than ready for him, should he even dare to strike at them." Okay, just HOW are they aware of him and if they are they're taking his threat surprisingly calmly. Yeah I know they're Gods but Mjolnir is not going to help against this guy. But anyway that was only one sentence I can easily ignore it.

All in all, loved this and I wouldn't mind if you had more of this coming. :)
3/12/2013 c3 13BlueNynaeve
Oh my. I always viewed loyalty as being Sif's underrated superpower. Despite her emotional confusion, or maybe because of it, I think it is illustrated nicely here.

3/11/2013 c3 jody
I really love the story. Are you sure you want stop here? It would be great if you wrote more Thor fan fiction. )
3/11/2013 c3 Guest
1/16/2013 c2 52Lady Charity
Wowowow, this is so freaking BEAUTIFUL! I love how you write Sif, love how you write her emotional conflict and how she mourns Loki in her own way. I'm so very glad that you had a scene where she was asking Heimdall about Jotunheim. As dark as it was portrayed in the movie, I can't help but think that a world made of ice really could be beautiful, and the way you described it was poetic. And ahhh, Sif's slow realization/understanding of the Jotunns was like a FINALLY sort of moment. Finally she holds some sort of respect (though respect is a big word, perhaps better is sympathy) for the Frost Giants. And oh, I am not going to lie, I felt very bad for Loki's horse. Was never as crazy about horses as my female peers were back in those childhood-preteen days, but I understand that horses hold a huge emotional tie with their masters (The things I learn from War Horse) so to wonder how the poor horse has to deal with no master is really sad to see...but the lily part, man. It had such a sad finality to it that the fact that Sif started crying afterward was really fitting. But ohhh man, Loki's spotted at the end of the chapter...and he's SO CHANGED by now because of that dang Void and alsdkjfalsdkf THOR GIVE HIM A FREAKING /HUG/ WHEN YOU SEE HIM FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T TOSS HIM OUT A HELICOPTER AND DEMAND THE GOSHDARN TESSERACT YOU BUFFOON. And Sif's reaction to what Loki has become after all this time...ohhhh man. I can't wait to see your depiction of that.
1/10/2013 c2 16Tauvian
I feel I am going to enjoy this story. I excitedly await your next update.

Great work!
1/10/2013 c2 Randomer
Nice work! Great presentation of Sif conjured with great language, tact and suberb insight. Keep up the good work, my little Quail! :)
1/8/2013 c2 jaquelinelittle
"Thor shook his head. "No! Sif. Oh, Sif. Heimdall has just seen him. Heimdall has seen him."

And then, first thing he says to his brother when meeting him will be: "Where is the tesseract?" Oh, how he missed him! :)

You have a nice approach at the movie story here. Sif/Loki is something not seen too often. I also like the worldbuilding with the Valkyries and Jötnar. Sif might have inquired about family life on Jotunheim, how parents care for their children, and also what they eat on an all-ice planet. One would think constant famine could turn formerly nice people into egoistic savages.

Since you recommended music in ch1, may I suggest my preferred Loki mourning songs as well? That would be "In a Fullmoon Procession" by Haggard for suicidal Loki, and "Ohne Dich" by Rammstein for mourning Thor. Also recommended: "Vedergällningen" by Garmarna for mad, vengeful Loki.
1/8/2013 c2 17kriitikko
Another insightful chapter of Sif's mindscape. Plotwise I don't think there's much I can comment on but I love your eye for detail. It's obvious you had fun mixing the mythos and comics with your own ideas. You portrayed Sif's journey from denial to accepitance of her grief well. Really makes me curios to see how Loki's sudden comeback, him having accepted his more sinister role, will affect her.

Sorry this review isn't longer but I don't really know what else to say except really good stuff. And this is coming from someone who doesn't really give a damn about Thor. ;P
1/8/2013 c2 35Ardhoniel Marvelite
Interesting story. Wonder what will happen if/when Loki is returned to Asgard. I'm assuming you will follow the events of the Avengers? Btw, I loved your descriptions of the Valkryrior in the previous chapter (what happened to Sif's mother? I thought Valkyries couldn't die?) and just wondering, are you being true to the comics regarding Sif and Heimdall? They are siblings (or half siblings, depending on which comic you read :D) Update soon!
1/7/2013 c2 93Navy Babe
Loved this chapter! Sif is so desperate to hate Loki because she thinks that's what she should feel, but her grief is just so palpable. Loved the scene with the flower-very much how I would imagine Sif reacting to Loki's "death." The bits with Heimdall and Jotunheim were great too.
1/7/2013 c2 a ghost in schoolclothes
Again, beautiful. The weight of loss is so heavy upon these characters. You can just feel it as you read. Lovely work, there. I admit, I outright went, "Awww!" when Sif began to cry. Your writing is very emotionally-moving. :) I'm excited for the next update! :D
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