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3/14/2017 c6 The real honey
Idk about all that, I love taka-chan *blushes* (and cake) but I dont know if he feels the same way *holds usa-chan closer* and- * tears up* and even if takashi does then why hasn't he told me anything *crying* we tell each other everything *crying, crying, crying... calms down* this fanfic buy this fine man/lady is very well written if only takashi and I could really do such things. :3
3/4/2016 c6 Grace
This was absolutely the best thing ever! It's so hard to find good fics of these two! They're either nothing but fluff or badly written smut, but you had the perfect balance of fluff and smut and oh my goodness gracious I cannot explain my appreciation for this story! I would be ecstatic to see an epilogue!
8/11/2013 c6 Guest
That was a very good story! :D
8/5/2013 c6 Fullmetalkekkaishi
The story was really great I love all of it.
6/20/2013 c6 fedoralover101
Oh this was so... pretty,... beautifully written
2/6/2013 c6 20konfessor2u
fluff fluff fluff!
2/6/2013 c2 konfessor2u
GAHHH! So hot... All I can hear is Travis Willingham's voice saying that last line...and I MELT!
1/3/2013 c6 11geniusotaku
Awh 3 It'd be adorable if the hosts found out -wink wink-
12/30/2012 c5 geniusotaku
Awh, hun, this is so cute :3
12/30/2012 c5 3Samurai of Lorien
please please please update soon! that would definitely be the cats pajamas! I LOVE IT!
12/22/2012 c5 Shin23
YES. omgim so happy I'm on cloud nine :3 I love chapters where one is comforted by the other and this chapter was beauteous :) keep it comin!
12/6/2012 c3 Guest
Awww spool cute! But why did honey tell him to stop? This is great. Absolutely great. Please update soon.
12/3/2012 c2 1MattyMattMattMatthew
I LOVE THIS! OMG! Update like once a day! EEP!

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