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1/29/2017 c1 Minhal
oh, my god...Amazing..superb...so happy to know that Freddie woke up...my gosh..I really like mystery stories and this was one..just wanted you to continue.
12/11/2016 c34 JSomeOne
Awesome story! Please update soon
5/16/2016 c34 2A Adela
I need to stop reading these at 2 am because I get way to emotional. Another amazing one. Wow.
5/11/2016 c34 chase125291
OMG I'm so happy that you uploaded another chapter. OMG Freddie's awake
5/11/2016 c34 Guest
Freddie is awake! Finally he and Sam are going to be happy! And he knows now about the baby :) It feels like the happy end of story.. But I hope there is going to be a few more chapters. :)
3/14/2016 c33 Guest
First of all.. how I only just now noticed this new chapter!? After more then two weeks.. I still don't understand it. I was looking almost every day.. But anyway! This chapter like all the others was beautifuly written! Also it was full of emotions.. Only most of them where sadly heartbreaking.. And I'm not surprised knowing that Freddie are still not responsive and in the coma :( Sam was always a strong person but there is only so much pain that even she can handle. But maybe God will let them all be happy..)) I want for Freddie to wake up soon so Sam and the others can stop hurting.. I want for Freddie to find out about his and Sam's future baby.. P.s. : I don't know way but I have a feeling that it's a boy :') Update soon please.
3/7/2016 c33 Guest
Oh wow I'm feeling so emotional right now, that was amazing how it gets to me like that. I'm really really looking forward to reading more coz I need to know what happens, is Freddie going to okay, is Sam going to okay? I hope you update soon
2/23/2016 c33 Guest
Omg I hope Freddie is okay he needs to wake up his mom, Sam, Emma, the baby, and everyone else...
2/22/2016 c32 A Adela
I don't care how long it takes to finish I'm just very grateful that you still want to write this. I love the story.
2/22/2016 c32 Guest
Poor Sam she is falling apart.. :( Please, don't kill him! Sam and Freddie deserve to be happy! He still needs to find out about his baby.. And their unborn child can't be left without it's father! Please update soon.. I love your story and realy want to find out what is going to happen next! :)
1/5/2016 c31 Guest
Can't wait for Sam to tell Freddie about the baby! I want to know his reaction to this big news :) oh and of course how his surgery go.. i realy hope that he is going to be okay. Update soon!
12/11/2015 c1 Ryan Jablonski
Honestly, I always thought that Nathan and Jennette looked like younger versions of Josh and Katherine !
11/25/2015 c30 A Adela
This was so good.
11/20/2015 c29 Guest
Omg! No! Freddie can't die! I liked the idea of Sam being pregnant..:(
11/19/2015 c29 A Adela
Ahhhhhhhh what?! I can't even word this review right without stopping to try to calm down every other second.. wow. I was confused at first and I still am. Great job and don't mind this rambling. Wow!
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