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for Diffferent Ways of Doing Things

1/2/2013 c1 145Vickysg1
*sighs happily* This is such a beautiful fic. I love that Will notices how exhausted Mac really is and help her relax and rest. The slow progression of the fic is really perfect. Truth be told, I didn't see the kisses coming, but they were natural, perfect again.
11/27/2012 c1 30teanc09
Great story! Thanks for posting. I love how Will takes care of Mac in this one.
11/27/2012 c1 14lilacmermaid33
I've decided that you're at your best when we're nagging you, so I'm never going to stop. :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Please let this actually happen?

I love how you describe her getting all worked up and how he calms her down. And it's heartbreaking how she feels useless and feels like she's bad for him. So, SO sad. I like that he *shows* her what the message said, rather than trying to tell her.

I so want to know what happens when she wakes up!
11/27/2012 c1 Gina
I think this should be more than a one-shot :)
11/27/2012 c1 9Katycat1970
Oh matey - what a lovely surprise to come home to - really wasn't expecting this... :)

"This is for my three petitioners of last night: KatyKat, Millie Zhang and Lilacmermaid, who were all asking for a fic. I managed this before I got to bed, so I guess it's yours ;) x" - ahhhh - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Now you've set yourself up here - if we get wonderful stories like this when we ask we may have to ask more often! lol...

Oh - I LOVED this SO MUCH... I love how he pulled her down into his lap initially... *sigh* and I loved how he took control of the whole thing at the end...

Got a lump in my throat at this bit... "I get that I'm fucking useless around here Will. Okay? I get that. All I ever do is make you angry, or remind you of the past; and then I nag you, or say something and you get pissed and we argue and everyone thinks we're insane. If you want me to leave, you just need to say." sad Mac and sad Mac upsets me a little... :( Glad that Will tried to put her straight and apologised...

Laughing at him almost bribing her with "Argue all you like Mackenzie, if you don't do this then I won't be going on air tonight. I'm not going to let you do this to yourself. You pick." - good idea Will!

The kisses *sigh* wasn't expecting those and they're so *sigh* as always... awwww...

Really did enjoy this hun - oh - a little bit sad that it says "Complete"... :( Would have loved to see the next scene when she woke up... *sigh*

Thanks for posting hun... LOVED IT!
11/27/2012 c1 forjustaminute
Perfect story...

Yep I'm thinking about the same thing. Sending you emails everyday to beg you to write more:-)
11/27/2012 c1 37iworkwithpens
Wait...you mean if I just start sending you a bunch of emails you'll write more? Why didn't I know this? That's it...I'm bombarding you with daily emails! LOL!

But seriously, love this whole idea. There have been so many times on the show when I just wanted Will to grab her and make her shut up (in a cute way). I love Mackenzie rants, but I would love them even more if they ended this way!
11/27/2012 c1 millie-zhang-scu
excellent story:-)

the title reminds me of a line in the episode "you always have these ways of doing things..."

11/27/2012 c1 1millie.zhang
*massive grin*

HAHAHAHA so petitions do work…..great to see I was not the only petitioner…like I said we did miss you :) Hope you are feeling good about having a group of loyal readers….

This is a very very very sweet story. I already melted when I saw the prompt..

Mackenzie talking for minutes almost without breathing….hahaha I can totally imagine it happening….

“crazy lady”….she is crazy isn’t she? LOL

After all the exhaustion she is incredibly sensitive. I think that’s why she immediately got pissed off at the “no use” remark. (But seriously Will, can he pick a better phrase rather than" no use"…haha that doesn’t sound good)

I love Will’s body language here “caught her and swiftly pulled her back into his chest, relieved when she instantly curled around him”. Always love the caring and protective side of Will. *big hand*

And…the kiss! Oops! I didn’t see that coming. I thought he might have put her down and let her have a rest or something…but Oops! I love it! *melt melt melt*

"I get to choose what we order?"-haha cute Mac is officially back.

“he allowed himself a last kiss to her forehead and could have sworn she smiled in her sleep” this is soooooooo sweet…..

Thank you for posting! Perfect as always!
11/27/2012 c1 3landingzone
This was adorable, well written, and a great morning surprise. Well done!

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