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12/9/2012 c4 DustyLightning
How very curious that you made Vega choose the form of a Pegasus...

Also, I'm gonna imagine the language of the Celestials is Pig Latin. It's the only way I can see somebody learn a new language that quickly :P

I don't really have a lot to say besides good job so far and I'm very glad Fluttershy didn't get molested.
12/9/2012 c4 6Alya Spruce
Oh gods. What have you done Vega. That's gross and- I'm sorry. Caught up in the bush scene. That was really gross.
12/9/2012 c4 Geefriend
Amazing. I didn't like the earlier chapters as much as some chapters of your other stories, but I find this one to be simply amazing. It seems a bit rushed that he speaks "Equestrian" that fluently, but it is somewhat logical, due to the fact that "Equestrian" has been developed out of his native language. Still.. Three hours?! Anyways, I like how he is techincally new to modern society, and how he must be introduced to it, making the ponies his "tutors". Somehow... I liked how Fluttershy stood in his urine :D. That's what you get for spying on someone, eh? However, he can techinalcally shapeshift into anything he wants to? HOW does it work? Does he use some kind of magic as well? Still, I like the fact that not everyone everywhere speaks the same language. I mean, come on, just because MLP is in English, doesn't mean that they HAVE to speak English in Equestria too. Finally, a story which cares for that. Anyways, like I said before, I didn't really like that story before, but I knew that you would bring me to like it anyways. Same goes for every other story you wrote, no matter whether or not I disliked 'em at the beginning, I always find myself enjoying them... Somehow. I guess you're just a good writer, or something, which raises another question: Why are you so good at it? Did you learn it somewhere? Anyways, awesome chapter.
12/5/2012 c3 1zsd brony
allsome as allways you keep your stories so difrent from one another i wish i could do that but i keep trying with mine sorry i did't get to chapters 1 abd 2 lot of work to do so is vega the same speces as from the other plantet and caould you exsplain what he looks like in more detsil?
12/4/2012 c3 TheTortes
So i began reading this and some of your other stories an I gotta say You sir never seem to disappoint, when it comes down to your creative writing. It is truly amazing.

I do enjoy reading this and some of your other stories while I try and be patience for the next chapter of Return of the Avatars. I can't wait to see what you have in store for everyone.
12/3/2012 c3 6Alya Spruce
That was epic. Just plain epic
12/3/2012 c3 Oggeleet
Ooooh, the raw potential of this story leaves me in awe..
12/2/2012 c3 DustyLightning
Looks lile I'm finally starting to get things right here. That's definately a first for what's going to be a very elaborate story. And it is true that you generally stay away from the mainstream. The only exception would be for "The Lost Element" which started off a little typecast (not criticizing, it was awesome).

Very nice chapter you've got here. I was a bit bored when the know-how of Equestria was explained, but that happend with every HiE fic I've ever read. Consitering that little bit was also quite short (and required) I didn'n't mind it.

I'm glad that Luna has fallen into place in this story quite well so far. That was definately a worry I had right at chapter one. Completely unnecessary, but a worry all the same.

In short, everything's looking awesome so far. Keep up the good work, and see ya when another chapter comes out for one of your stories (or if you make another story).
12/2/2012 c3 spacecowboy2011
I had kinda figured that Lunacea was indeed Luna, which now brings up the question of just how many worlds she and her sister have their hands/hoofs in. However, that is most likely a question for another time and another place.

The main character is rather interesting to a degree, it sounds as if he has a 'beastial' aspect to him that he is able to control when fighting? Beyond that, looking forward to more explanations of his character, as well as what plans you have in store for him. It seems as of right now you plan to keep him 'human' rather than having him turn into a local inhabitant, so that should add another level to the story as well.

Still really early in the tale, but it does look both interesting and promising so far Frost. As always, till next chapter of the next story.
12/2/2012 c3 Astrid
I like it correction I loved it u rock :) keep it up hope you make more

Sincerely princess Astrid
12/1/2012 c2 Daisy Vantas
I honestly do not know how you can juggle so many stories and still make them bad ass... and I am seriously starting to think that you are a god...


I like this twist, and the imagery in this is fantastic. This reminds of Atlantis: The Lost Empire from Disney. Good job, and I will definitely be following. I just hope that more answers are present soon, because at the moment I'm lost with what species everything is. Nonetheless, this is pretty good. I haven't read a Fluttershy fic on anything before, so this should be interesting.
11/29/2012 c2 Shadow Cloud 5283
I'm going to admit, I was lost with this chapter. But then I remembered Luna was going off to visit other worlds. This chapter just made a lot more sense. Great addition to the story. I however, think that it could have been more clear in the beginning. Perhaps starting with Luna going off to visit this world. Would have made a little but more sense, but then the entire chapter would change... No solution comes to my mind. Anyways hope this helps with future chapters.
11/29/2012 c2 Dante Okami
so ya great chapter sorry but im not getting to read much job and other stuff keeping me from it uh... ok well later
11/29/2012 c2 FireBreath550
Deepest apologies once more. I have screwed up again, and I hate tablets. And this mobile site.

Anyways, I guess I'll have to wait to find out about those two interesting facts I've noticed.

The idea of shapeshifting is something I've been a fan of for god knows how long, and I'm pleasently surprised-ish to see it in you're work here.

Now that I've finished all I have to say, I can now safely hit the post button without fear of looking like a bigger dumbass that I already am.
11/29/2012 c2 FireBreath515O
Accidentally posted before I finished what I was going to say (lol dumbass me). As I was saying, it feels like an origanal story and I like it. Very glad I came in with lower expectations than usual (but they've been raised back up to tops).

There's a couple of things that really got me thinking in this chapter though. Lunace sounds a lot like Luna when you take off the "ce" part of it. Also, I'm more than a little curious to se if Lyra will end up playing a role in this for one simple reason. If I'm not mistaken, the star "Vega" is a part of a consellation called Lyra. P
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