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for Ranma, the Naive Succubus 01: Nabiki's Deal

1/21/2013 c10 James Birdsong
Excellent story!
12/31/2012 c10 k1n
Great story! Keep up the good work :)
12/13/2012 c10 ArinaSugarBaby
Nice and though you are making it ok for sex which so many people hate and think is evil except with there wife or husband. It is why most of the time succubi are placed as being demons and ending up in Hell. Though I have to agree just cause they feed off of sex it doesn't mean they are evil. Which is one of the reasons I have liked this story before it was broken down.
12/12/2012 c1 ArinaSugarBaby
While I am happy to see that you are continuing with this story I felt that the original title that you used barely had any adult scenes what so ever so I feel fanfiction was wrong to drop it and I am sad to see that this story needed to be broken up like it has already been. I see part to is out and being updated so I will let you get back to it but because they dropped the other one now I have to remark things all over again and I loose the reviews I have given before.
12/8/2012 c10 Rose1948
Boy howdy! *fans self* Woo! Those two have got SOME stamina!

Another nice one. Nicely done. *nods* Gotcha on the Anime Addventures. Looks like I'll have me some serious fanfic reading to do. *chuckles*

Take care and thanks for sharing.
12/6/2012 c9 Rose1948
Indeed it does! The waiting can make it difficult, too. Either it's muses who suddenly refuse to communicate or it's muses who won't STOP communicating long enough to string words into coherent sentences. *laughs* I've also read, somewhere, that 2500 to 3000 words per chapter is a good target to shoot for. Then there's the decision of "Do I finish the entire story BEFORE posting it chapter by chapter or do I simply finish a chapter at a time and post it that way?" Makes for Headache Medication Commercial No. 9,275. *chuckles*

Just finished reading Chapters 8 and 9. Nicely done! I like the "closer look" vignette here. I remember something of the original story but not all and now I can't find it. *laughs* Not surprising, what with most sites I'm familiar with closing their doors. *sighs* Anyhoo, the little insights of this and that are very enjoyable. I simply can't picture Gos as a competent mahou (sorcerer) however. When push comes to shove, he's a mediocre wannabe at best. However, that's just my opinion. And what does a 64-year-old Old Bat with only a couple of manga under her belt know anyway? *grins*
12/5/2012 c8 Janissa
Even when reading this story again it is still very entertaining and a very fun and sexy read.
12/5/2012 c1 10ErekLich
Good to see this again! Sad that it's being toned down, but we'll live.
12/5/2012 c8 7raw666
I like how you are combining chapter, it gives a better flow I think.
12/5/2012 c8 22FaerieKnight197
Glad to see this hasn't actually died. Thank you for reposting this. And it's sad that yourfanfiction likely went belly up.
12/5/2012 c7 eltanan
Really enjoying reading this story again. Thanks for reposting it.
12/4/2012 c3 3one.who.reads
i was putting off reading your reposting, but it was interesting to be reading along and all the sudden think, "oh yeah, that's why i followed this author"
12/4/2012 c7 Rose1948
*chuckles* Chapters... What makes up a chapter? How many words does one use? The 1,667 average used to make up NaNoWriMo's 50,000 for the month? More? Less? Ow my head!

Another two good chapters, hon. I enjoyed reading them. I like the -implied- lemon, too. I can add my own sweetener, ice cubes and, maybe, some fresh raspberries, and "drink up" at my leisure. *laughs* Take care and thanks for sharing.
12/2/2012 c5 1Zhor
Interesting indeed...
12/2/2012 c5 Rose1948
I like this. *chuckles* Then again, I'm of the old school of "Another's imagination is ALWAYS better than yours, so pull on the cord of the 'Fade to Black' curtain." Can't wait to see more. Too bad about the other site(s). Even Punultimate's gone. *sighs* Sad, really. Still, keep on writing!
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