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3/7 c41 JenDamn
I may be dense, but WHY did Dumbledore blame his sister's death on someone who wasn't even there?
3/7 c39 JenDamn
Okay so they kicked out Nymphadora but not Sirius? huh? And if Sirius is the head of the house, can't he decide who is disowned or not?
3/7 c28 JenDamn
What's the point of being dangerous witches if you allow a grandpa, to assault you or your young soulmate. This is ridiculous. They are super evil but THAT crosses the line? And he got no further than kissing and groping her? Apparently older men backhanding young girls means nothing. Okay, he died, good, but you went in detail about torture regarding random muggles, and all we get to know about this asshole is, he died? And no offense, but Cassiopeia has been an idiot in regards to Sirius for FAR too long. Even in this latest encounter she gives him too much leeway. But to think Sirius could get a leg up on Bellatrix, is kinda crazy. So Voldemort is not going to be allied with the werewolves in this story?
3/4 c65 desperataeny
Lol Hermione is too strict smh. Happy to see Bellamione’s family <333 thank you for writing and share this magnificent Bellamione masterpiece! I enjoyed it so much :D
3/4 c40 desperataeny
So damn dark Hermione haha
2/4 c65 Nymphadora.Tonks.23
This was great! Different to what I normally read but still extremely good! I particularly loved the ending!
2/2 c65 andak
Most excellent work. loved it. I had to keep reading it til the end. I loved evil Hermione black better .
1/5 c65 MysticMoon45
An amazing story!
Hermione born a Black and married to Bellatrix is ingenious!
1/5 c64 MysticMoon45
Draco's got a thing for finding them at the 'right' time
1/5 c63 MysticMoon45
POtTy hUnTInG!?

Oh I love Bella!
1/5 c62 MysticMoon45
Seriously all we need is Lucius to walk in on them!
Then the whole Malfoy family would have witnessed their ministrations in bed
1/5 c61 MysticMoon45
The last part
1/4 c60 MysticMoon45
Blacks don't have hearts!
1/4 c57 Guest
Draco's reaction!
1/4 c56 Guest
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