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for the beast of zero

12/23/2019 c3 8youngmark
Really? That's how you had the fight go down? Guiche saying an insult he's quite possibly never said in his life, and Naruto calling upon Kurama's power JUST because of that?
12/22/2019 c2 youngmark
Nice. XD
12/21/2019 c1 youngmark
Oh, Familiar of Zero. Neat.
10/9/2016 c3 Sebastian817
Please continue
5/30/2016 c3 Mordred Render
this is great! I've been looking for something like this for quite some time...but is there any way you could continue this soon please? I've been waiting 3 years for an update on this story, please update soon.
7/31/2015 c2 PatchworkChimera
2 years... is this abandoned?
6/14/2015 c3 artemis son
keep it up it good
9/11/2014 c3 6KDKid2020
I hope this beast will continue to walk on this story. Please continue...
8/22/2014 c2 6Primus2021
Yes to the Rinnegan.
9 girl Harem.
1. Henrietta, 2. Siesta, 3, Jessica,
4. 5. &. 6. The 3 Valliere Sisters, Eleonore, Cattleya, Louise,
Tabatha, Kirchi, and Tiffania.
1/18/2014 c3 daniel 29
maybe naruto tries to see the beauty in louise despite her flaws
11/26/2013 c3 RyumaOmega
Great fanfic idea! I hope you continue to update this fanfic with new chapters!

As for who I would like to vote to be in Naruto's harem, as long as Henrietta, Jessica, Tiffania, Cattleya, Illococoo, and Jeanette are in it, anyone else you to decide to pair with Naruto is fine!

Keep up the great work and update this fanfic as soon as you can!
9/24/2013 c3 dch448
Naruto is insanely OOC in this. I don't like this version either, he has no reason to act like that, nor would he ever act like that.
8/13/2013 c3 sadfacereader
Considering Naruto hitting something in 3-tails form is equivalent to a nuke going off, I think you have severely under-powered him in this fic. No offense, but this chapter is really not up to par especially since you said he was enraged because Sas-uke killed his friends to set Naruto off like that. This needs to be looked at more closely to make it seem realistic for the setting. Naruto IS too strong for them and that can't be helped as he could truly destroy the world if he chose. He also seems a little too cocky as canon Naruto wasn't the arrogant type, more boisterous. It was a predilection to getting noticed that he has had to unlearn throughout the series and is now a more mature individual for it. Having a Sharingan or Rinnegan would also put him over the elete bar which is fine but needs to be properly conveyed and displayed. He is a god and needs to be shown as such. Please do not nerf him as he is so much better than that. Normal Naruto can break steal. God Naruto can break worlds. A kids face would simply explode from one of his hits.
8/3/2013 c3 No Offense Guy
No offense, I know Naruto is a Badass and all but why do have to make him into a jerkass. I mean, using his powers when he can curbstomp Guchie with his basic ninja skills and training, but having Naruto obliterate the table and insulting Guchie when he already did his damage then tossing and beating the crap out of him with the nine tail beast power just overkill things. Please don't make him into a Sue or boring hero it just make things boring.
7/6/2013 c2 juvenual
Narut oshould not get a dojutsu, it will take much time for him to learn, use it effectively, and master it. hes great without it, and should just stay with what he has , and maybe while here vary his technique. like he has wind rasengan, but maybe gets help to form an ice one,a fire one, a tsunami or maelstorm one :D
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