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for Two KND Operatives And Their Baby

5/5 c18 ahhellnawiknowididntsignuphere
what compelled you to write this, and five other stories like this prior.
5/3/2018 c18 Guest
Eww 12 years old? If they were 15 to 18 it’s fine. But 12? Now that’s sick
8/19/2014 c6 this world
12 years old having sex to make a baby and ppl are approving?! Smh
4/1/2014 c3 2Kimarys Adriana
Dopey dick? You mean like Mobey Dick... The great white whale?
2/2/2014 c18 29Silvereye-BW
Well, this is once unique story, I hope you update soon. Wallys and Kukis kid is finally here, and he met his grandparents and uncle and aunts. I wonder what you have planned for future chapters...
12/24/2013 c18 Hajjie
I loved James in this chapter!
12/23/2013 c18 6DarthWill3
Kerry's sure got some tough decisions to make when it comes to pregnant KND operatives. And it's pretty considerate of him to prepare for Dopey Dick's would-be reverse transformation.

Wally and Kuki sure want this moment to be recorded and remembered this badly, huh?

Lars is doing a very good job at being a doctor, especially with the medical logs.

"Too cliche." That's a mild way of putting it.

Abby really knows how to make a surprising revelation.

Bad time to reveal long kept secrets to your bride-to-be, Wally. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. LOL

Aw... That's just adorable! Wally and Kuki are now officially parents!

"Wallabee Lars Beatles, Jr." I suppose Kuki wanted to name a son after the father for quite some time.

I just love tearful reunions, don't you?

Don't get too greedy, Cliff. ROFL
10/6/2013 c1 Hajjie
Screw what other people say I love this story and my catch phase is all of who dis like this story call me on imaginy phone.
8/31/2013 c1 22Nightress5
Ok I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Why? Why did you deem it a brillant idea for twelve year old kids to conceive a child!? They're KIDS. They're not adults, kids should be frolicking around in the sun, not having sex and making a baby, besides both of them are twelve meaning at the time they wouldn't even be going through puberty!
8/25/2013 c17 Shinga1
Hadn't read this in a long time and I remember when I first saw the name Lars. It's funny because not many people know that name and it's also my name so I found it so interesting that you used it.
8/25/2013 c17 1pikachufan1336
its been a while!
i didn't think this would ever be continued!
keep up the good work.
8/24/2013 c17 6DarthWill3
Nice song, Kirk!

Walking a crocodile from a parking lot to a hospital can be pretty time-consuming. And dare I say bringing said reptile can be frightening to every person inside the building. ROFL

Coming back to the hospital really brings back memories.

"Well, I'll be a nurtured dog!" Oh, Mr. Lincoln... LOL

I can understand that Hoagie and Abby want to catch up. And it's about time they found the meaning of "Have faith."


Never have I seen Mr. Sanban look so angry.

An engagement party, eh? Not a bad idea, Mrs. Lincoln.

Why Cliff never asked for directions in the first place, I have no idea. LOL

Who wants to be a millionaire?
I do!

The baby appears to be getting closer!

I'm glad to see Carrie getting much affection.
7/4/2013 c7 1pikachufan1336
I like the story and all
but I don't buy this 12 year old pregnancy thing, not that they can't but these sexual desires and urges aren't in 12 year olds, last time I checked.
I wish you COULD HAVE made them a little older, like maybe 16 or so, still I really do enjoy the story, that's my only complaint!
5/4/2013 c15 5katelincute321
I've read this story and I like the way you've set it out it's interesting to read however I've got a question which I feel VERY stupid for asking but when Paddys says-
"If Fanny were still here," says Paddy, "she'd be so proud of you - I know I am!"
I'm curious what happened to numbuh 86? Did I miss a part which explains this?

I have no idea the point is I'm very curious about what might of happened to her and as for the chapter it was great to read. Poor Rachel ! :(

- Numbuh 321
4/22/2013 c1 Guest
No offense, but this is a bit creepy of an idea. o-o; I mean, what kid makes such a promise when they're ten?!
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