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for I cant believe it

5/8/2015 c4 Guest
Please write the next chapter!
4/16/2015 c3 tannerose5
They really had not right, but these guys are the bet at what they don. The team could help.
4/15/2015 c2 Addicted2bquinn
Oh wow. I'm so looking forward to your next post
11/19/2013 c10 jackwagnerfan
awesome chapter and i luv wht u did to reid even though i hate seeimg reid get hurt
11/19/2013 c10 tannerose5
So, one more chapter. I'm not one for sequels, so I, for one, hope you can wrap it up. It's too bad Reid had to lose both his little angel and the love of his life.
11/19/2013 c10 4TazzieLuv13
it was rox muthafuckin anne, OK NOW IM PISSED first the bitch of a mother watches her daughter die, then runs away not even thinking about how the father of her child would feel, then turns up years later to kill him, plz tell me the bitch is gonna die
11/9/2013 c9 jackwagnerfan
reid gets severely hurt and the rest of the team hear a gun go off and the team run in and kill the bastard and get to the hospital and reid goes into surgery but then reid's heart stops but the doctors are able to bring him back but reid slips into a coma. Can u make this a death fic? Its ok if u dont want to but im just asking if u could.
11/9/2013 c9 TazzieLuv13
OMG! whodunitwhodunitwhodunitwhodunit whoisiwhoisitwhoisit whens the next chapter
11/9/2013 c9 tannerose5
Why do you post a chapter that you're not happy with?
This was just fine. I'm enjoying the story. There's nothing wrong with it. Please, just finish this one. I want to know what happens now, not in a year or two.
I am still following the story, but please just update this one and not rewrite it.
11/9/2013 c2 LostAmongstTheStars
Okay this is very poorly done. The writing is childishly amateur, it's too short and just simply not great all in all.
10/26/2013 c8 tannerose5
Wow, the unsub is really spiraling. Let's hope the BAU can figure out who it is, and soon.
10/25/2013 c7 tannerose5
Not much more to go by. The team needs to figure out what the letters say.
10/25/2013 c7 TazzieLuv13
omg, plz tell me your next update is soon
10/12/2013 c6 tannerose5
Oh, you just had to stop there, didn't you? so, the letters spell out Y-O-U R F
Poor Reid, either way his daughter is still dead.
10/11/2013 c5 tannerose5
I hope it isn't another eight months before the next chapter. People tend to forget about a story. This was a really good story before the time lapse.
You asked what I thought, so I'm telling you.
I hope it's Kathy and not Roxanne.
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