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7/25/2020 c10 1Fugshipyae
Bulla be like: BEGONE THOT!
3/13/2019 c1 Cosmicotaku
Hey, I'm going to send you a DM, I have a little proposition for you, I love these kinds of stories, except for the ending part, I love the dynamics of stories where trucks hates his new sister because she will ruin the family, or so he's afraid, it highly resonates with my own childhood experience, and if you're willing to write more, I can allocate some of my business funds to pay you for some good stories, a fair sum, if you're willing to give a shot of the story that I'm interestedin surrounding more trunks/bulla dynamics, similar to the ones beginning of the story, only more extreme. I understand if you're not interested in it, but I will pay you handsomely.
5/5/2017 c40 16DarkFireGeneral
I just binge-read this. I don't particularly like cute stuff, but it was funny enough for me to deal with the cute (which isn't a bad thing - I just don't really like a lot of cute stuff. It makes me feel the need to punch a wall so I may feel manly again).

However. The ending. The. Ending. You ended the story like that? How could you? (Being sarcastic - kind of)
Trunks is a vegetable (there's a pun here I refuse to make) due to an accident that probably shouldn't have hurt him all that much (but it's your story, so it can hurt him all you like), but we don't find out if he ever recovers? That's sad! I had to punch a wall to feel manly again! Okay, not really, but it was very sad. I didn't cry, though.

On another note, this was a very well written story, you captured the characters (to my knowledge) very well, especially considered how you mentioned not having really seen much GT, which is the only real insight we get to Pan and Bulla's personalities. I do want to point out that Pan is canonically older than Bulla (don't know by how much, though. I think between 6 and 18 months or so, but again, I'm not sure), though it didn't really matter in this story. You captured Vegeta especially well, though the Piccolo chapter I think was a bit off. I honestly cannot see Piccolo yielding to the commands of a tiny child, even if said child is the daughter of Vegeta. He doesn't exactly yield to Vegeta, but I see why you did that, and it's not too big a deal since you captured the rest of his personality very well.

Well written, good characterization, very little, if any, OOC-ness, good job.
3/30/2017 c6 Guest
If your goal is to make me cry you haven't succeeded so far.
3/30/2017 c1 Guest
I laughed during this chapter.
3/20/2017 c40 Mahvish
This story as I expected a happy ending. I like this story
2/18/2017 c19 2The Unoriginal Emo
I loved the story but can someone explain the teacher scene to me?
10/8/2016 c3 3Lucina Moonlight
omg the bathroom scene thou
4/20/2016 c11 Bob
This story is really slowing down. I was enjoying it much more when it was fast paced.
4/20/2016 c2 Bob
I haven't seen DBZ and am only reading this due to a rec. So far it's really good though. Bulla is adorable :)
9/19/2015 c40 6CelesteWint3r
Hands down best story i ever read trust me when i say this, i have never read so funny yet emotional story in my life before. too many emotion *cries* and i am too emotinal to write anymore about my feeling after reading this xD lol good job!
8/9/2015 c27 5HalfSaiyanHeart
Eh, I liked this story, but I lost interest when Goten kissed Bulla. I'm not a GxB shipper, and I'm not very comfortable with it. Besides that, the fanfic was good.
8/9/2015 c15 HalfSaiyanHeart
Actually, you're wrong here. Vegeta's family isn't the only family with royal blood. Many forgot about Chichi's royal ancestry.
6/28/2015 c1 WhisperedVoice
I just had to post a review after I read the story in one night.
I really love Bulla, she is such a hilarious spoiled brat xD and I totally squeed and fangirled over Goten and Bra! They were fricking adorable. I almost died from a cuteness overload xD
My favorite chapter was the kidnapping. Vegetas reaction was priceless! I woke my boyfriend up at 4am by laughing hysterically xD I just couldn't stop!
I also like the park chapter and I kinda wished for her to stay away a little longer, maybe so she can finally appreciate what Bulma does for her. Well and killing Vegeta got me laughing hard xD
You really did an amazing job with this fic and I totally love it :)
Although it's super sad what happened to Trunks. I really wish for an epilogue, where he wakes up, Bra comes back and takes over capsule corp and Goten and Trunks can open up the dojo in west city. I'm a big sucker for happy endings! :D
5/26/2015 c40 6Princess Vegetita Saiyan
Cheers girl that was nice. In the end it was Bulla who got rid of Trunks D: I actually never like Bulla she's the kinda girl that I hate. She's a brat, daddy's girl (me too, well was ) and those kinda girls are realy a mess. I realy like your fic so if u add something dont forget me pretty please. Im just real sad Poor Trunks I mean it started funny, crazy, and it ended heart breacking Bulla deserves what she got, Trunks didn'tMarron well I like her a lot more than Pan and Goten he is just so cute *-* Well thanks for writing Hope to see you soon maybe in a 3 year gap fic V\B ;) Sayonara
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