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8/2/2013 c38 Demon2Angel
I really like this chapter but I'm really wondering what is wrong with Evan is he suffering from a relapse of something or is he sick and I'm loving how he was able to calm down Sam
8/2/2013 c38 5War Sage
once again great chapter
7/31/2013 c37 2The1WriterFormerlyKnownAs
Evan is one scary mother.
7/29/2013 c37 Demon2Angel
Good as always I really missed this story I missed your story
7/29/2013 c37 2Sakura Mikan91
Thank god, your back! I missed this story.
I hated Adam too. He was a cocky SOB. But, Adam killing him like that. That's scary. I'm terrified of the kid, but he's still just a kid. Confused, scared. His love for his brothers though, I love that about him. Evan's gone through some insane and mind-fucking shit. No wonder the kid's got no empathy. Speaking of the lack of empathy. I'm a really curious how Soulless Sam will take to Evan. Will Evan like Soulless Sam better? I really don't see Evan living apple-pie life with Dean when Sam goes to hell. Will Soulless Sam think of Evan as too reckless, killing without discrimination? Then again, that was soulless Sam, right? Only difference, Evan cares only for his brothers. Soulless Sam only cares for the hunt.
7/29/2013 c37 5War Sage
great chapter wished you update more
7/9/2013 c36 2The1WriterFormerlyKnownAs
what. the. hell. is up with evan? is he like demon spawn or what? I actually like the kid and I agree with some of what he thinks about situations, but man is he a sociopath? yup
I'm lovin' this fic! Looking forward to your next update.
7/7/2013 c36 Demon2Angel
Wow nice chapter I like this one I'm so happy that u updated I can't wait until u do more and I know this is late but I hope everything went well for u at the hospital
7/7/2013 c36 5War Sage
Great chapter keep up the good work
6/24/2013 c35 32shirleypositive72
He's gonna explode from all that hate. I only hope he doesn't take his brothers with him. Such good story telling, girl!
6/24/2013 c35 5War Sage
great chapter please keep up the great work
6/24/2013 c35 Demon2Angel
Lol Evan is awesome in this chapter I am seriously hype please please update soon want to see what he's goin to do next
6/14/2013 c34 1caz21
i love it update soon
6/13/2013 c34 5War Sage
Great chapter keep up the good work
6/12/2013 c34 Demon2Angel
Damn despite everything that happened I hope Evan tells his brothers and they don't do any stupid crap to make him worse
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