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9/18/2017 c4 1SuperWhoVengePottLokiLockLin
Oh my, I thought for a long moment it was going to be a hallucination and that you killed Nicholas...I had tears pooling up, but I managed to vlink them back when I sighed in relief. You scared the hell out of me! Don't do it again.

On second thought, do it as many times as you can your writing was phenomenal. Thanos for sharing this.
9/10/2017 c4 149happyday girl
Read all this in one go and really enjoyed it :) I know it was posted in 2012 but after watching Hot Fuzz again I just had to come and see what ff there was out there, and this did not disappoint!
Great characterisation of Danny and Nicholas- my favourite part was when Nicholas tightened his grip on Danny's hand because he didn't want to leave him; it just seemed like something he would've done :)
Great story!
11/19/2013 c4 Guest
This was beautiful :')
12/10/2012 c4 PeggsterLover
Sorry it took me so long to read this but wow. What a beautiful ending to a great story 3 thank you! It was fantastic! Made me tear up.
12/9/2012 c4 19I Know Love Hurts 2010
Phew! Heh, you had me going there lol

I thought Nicholas died! Heheheh

Great story though. Sad its over but still :)
12/8/2012 c3 I Know Love Hurts 2010
Oh no! Please don't let Nicholas die!

Please update soon!
12/8/2012 c3 PeggsterLover
Wow. This was so powerful. I'm close to tears right now. You capture their thoughts and feeling so beautifully well. Thank you for another amazing chapter and what a cliffhanger!
12/3/2012 c2 PeggsterLover

Sorry. That's all I can manage right now...
12/3/2012 c2 I Know Love Hurts 2010
Oh no! Please let Danny be okay! And Nicholas! Poor, poor Nicholas! Please let someone find they soon!

Anyway, as upsetting as this chapter was, it was brilliant!

Please update as soon as you can ;)
12/2/2012 c1 I Know Love Hurts 2010
Oh God, this isn't looking good is it? Poor Nicholas and Danny! But i can tell this story is gonna be a good one (And i have a sneaking suspision they are gonna end up in the hospital by the end of this XD lol)

Please update soon, because this looks awesome!
12/2/2012 c1 PeggsterLover
This is just fantastic! I love how Nicholas wants to protect Danny, but Danny wants to protect Nicholas. I can't wait for the next chapter!

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