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for In the Beginning: After Purgatory

2/10/2014 c7 karonkgb
Dean's adventure in Purgatory and return needs to be explored more. I can feel Dean desperate to fit, function, to just be.

You have caught the panic of Combat Dean trying to land to fast, sliding his feet running out from under him. Chilling to read of drivers kicking him of his ride because he it staring at them other worldly because he is other worldly, dazed at what clean is and being clean isn't he? Dean unable to endure riding in a car, does this mean his Baby is forever alien to him?

You have slammed me with the reality Dean is more stricken than when he returned from hell, something I did't think possible.

Where is Sammy, desperate for Sammy? Did Sam ever figure that out?

Following World War II servicemen retuned home ghosts struggling to become solid, just like Dean.

World War II veterans coming home from Europe know just were Dean is at.
1/31/2013 c7 31Nana56
Thank you! Thank you for filling in the time between getting out and hugging Sam! Show can't show everything, so this was lovely.

I miss Benny. :(

Nicely done. :)
1/18/2013 c7 4mipib2
Loved this, the snippets all so clearly conveying his thoughts, his actions showing his difficulty in adjusting back. Absolutely great. My favourite part was the hitchhiking bits, his inability to interact with strangers.
1/13/2013 c7 grea8read
This was great.
Love that he only lasted so much time in the truck rides, love that he slept outdoors and lastly that he ended up wedged in the corner.
Great visuals and much appreciated since the show didn't give us much of anything,
1/3/2013 c7 331983Sarah
This was soooo great to follow Dean's progression and transition from Purgatory back into the world and seeing his desperate search for Sam and normalcy.
12/30/2012 c7 8Sharlot
These drabbles were delicious snippets of Dean's initial return. I'm so glad we got to view it through your eyes. Brilliant. Loved the image of Dean's "back wedged into the corner, eyes facing the door," That was really powerful (and vivid!). Thanks so much! Loved this!
12/30/2012 c7 sylia91
I have definitely noticed Dean drinking a lot less in this season so far. Dean is also very task oriented though he can multitask better than most. This season he is the man of a mission.
12/30/2012 c7 masondixon
Oh, I SO wish this could have kept going on!. Each part was so well done; a portrait painted with words. You did a Great job here and I Thank You for sharing.
I look forward to more from you!
12/30/2012 c7 822akaStoryteller
Bravo! This seems perfectly fit to what we see in the pilot. I enjoyed this very much!
12/24/2012 c5 331983Sarah
So heartbreaking to see Dean struggling on his own.
12/23/2012 c6 sylia91
I did like the little touches in the early episodes this season showing Dean's difficulty readapting to civilization. His interrogation of the suspect was more obvious but I remember one where Dean was sitting on the floor of the hotel room instead of the bed while talking to Sam who was sitting on the bed. It contrasted well Dean's disuse with normal comforts and Sam's relative domesticity. I miss those moments and Dean's PTSD as well, made for good drama and continuity.
12/23/2012 c6 masondixon
So Real and intense. Excellent usage of limited words in each of these chapters. Greedily I don't want them to stop coming!
Have a wonderful holiday.
12/23/2012 c6 27WinJennster
you know...i wish we would see a little more of crazed post-purg dean. i can't believe he just popped back up one day and was fine.
nice drabble series sista
12/23/2012 c6 8Sharlot
Oh my! Poor Dean can't even take comfort in a soft bed. I love that. It calls to mind the moment in the premier when he was seated on the floor at the foot of the bed instead of "on" it. He's just not quite "back" enough yet. Mmm yes, more feral Dean, please!
12/23/2012 c5 Sharlot
Very desolate! Love the image of him curled in the backseat of a car...poor lost baby!
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