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for Only a Kid But Hard to Scare

6/16/2019 c8 Laura
I love the story so far and many people ship enjolras and eponine as ejonine
I love it the story is so good
5/31/2019 c7 Guest
Russel Crowe's not as good as Phillip Quast but he's decent
5/7/2019 c21 Laura
An amazing story loved it so much it was really interesting but really sad
5/10/2017 c21 Guest
That was honestly the best fan fic I have ever read! Great job, I loved reading every word of it!
1/5/2016 c20 Guest
Indeed that shall
1/5/2016 c19 Guest
That felt kind of rushed
1/5/2016 c18 Guest
I love those tyeps of foods and I wonder who he grabs
1/5/2016 c17 Guest
Ow my good I can't decide
1/5/2016 c16 Guest
1/5/2016 c15 Guest
Can't wait
1/5/2016 c14 Guest
Hip hip hiray
1/3/2016 c13 Guest
I wonder what is going to happen next
1/3/2016 c12 Guest
Ow no
1/3/2016 c11 Guest
Poor eponine
1/3/2016 c10 Guest
Yay I helped
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