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3/14/2013 c5 21aLoggedInReader
All of those were very cool :-)
Hmm... Gabriel killed God, huh? It's always those you suspect the least! ;-) Okay, that's not true, if it were the one I'd suspected least then a cupid would have killed God.

And Lucifer and Gabriel having offspring that is Lilith... interesting... it also was pretty sweet to read. :-)

Great work on all of the Plot Bunnies
12/27/2012 c5 justsimplymeagain
You know, this brought up a frightening aspect that I didn't think of before, you're way too good at doing that you know. It also reminded me of the time when Gabriel told the boys that the Apocalypse was just a family reunion of sorts. Though I forget how it was actually worded, but this chapter seriously made me think of that.

And that it's called a 'game' is scary in itself. Renewal's, human races... All of that can leave you feeling small almost like just a dot in a blotch of ink in a matter of speech.

Nonetheless, great chapter and it was a great read.

Heh Lady Gabriel...
12/14/2012 c4 40CherylB1964
OMG Luci killed his baby Mama! Now I have this image of Lucifer being a guest on Jerry Springer segment. "I killed My Baby Mama"
12/13/2012 c4 justsimplymeagain
Oh wow, that was different. Not in a bad way either, it's oddly fitting for the situation you set up. And it's well written, and I like how you described the Archangel's appearances.

Haha... Nightcrawer, I should have seen that one coming lol.

But ya, I like how you described their appearance and behaviour in this chapter.

Great chapter :)

Update soon.
12/3/2012 c3 justsimplymeagain
Wow... Talk about creepy, the idea of Gabriel killing God and Death reaping God before he announced to Dean that one day he would reap even God...

Felt bad for everyone though, poor broken things.

Great chapter!

Update soon.
12/3/2012 c2 CherylB1964
I always love FF that has Gabriel.

I have always loved the fact that Gabriel is the first angel we met on the show (Azazel was presented as a demon and that never changed). Even though we had no idea of who he really was. I can't wait to read more
12/3/2012 c2 justsimplymeagain
This is great! Very enjoyable. And a wonderful way to explain Gabriel leaving, though now it gets me wondering how he gets from here to the time he stood up against Lucifer stating that "Dad was right, they are better then us" or something like that.

So ya... Great chapter, a great read.

Update soon.
12/3/2012 c1 justsimplymeagain
I like it! It's a pretty good start. Very enjoyable :)

Hope you update the rest soon because I would love to see more from you when it regards Gabriel left Heaven and became the Pagan God Loki and the Trickster.

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