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for A Super Smashin' Christmas

6/20/2013 c2 ObsidianGalesIsInactive
do u know how to unlock Rosalina on SSBB? can u tell me?
6/20/2013 c3 ObsidianGalesIsInactive
6/20/2013 c3 Meta Write
This was really good! I could only find some errors, like words being merged together.

Also, make a super Smashin' Halloween, and Meta goes crazy scaring people with his eyes!
6/17/2013 c1 ObsidianGalesIsInactive
that is an actual word!
1/16/2013 c3 4Azulhada
OMG THAT WAS HILARIOUS! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Ganon Claus XD That was funny. Awesome job with the story ill be looking forward to some of your next!
1/15/2013 c3 4Cha0T1cPeace
O.o ... XD That was great. I loved this story. My favorite character is Kirby, so when you made him go on a rampage, I felt proud that everyone feared him. Nice work.
1/14/2013 c3 10Werehog20
LOL Ganondorf Santa?! Mind Blown 0.0
And that's sad that the Brawlers need a Babysitter X-)
Nice little story of randomness!
1/9/2013 c3 mario789
Ha ha! A babysitter for Christmas! Loved this fanfic!
1/9/2013 c3 5TatlTails
That. Was. AWESOME! Lights, attics, Kirbyzillas, GANON CLAUS (seriously, everyone knows Santa is actually an immortal Finnish guy named Tino), KIRBYZILLA, Monkey Speak, and Rosalina the Babysitter! All. Epic. Wonderful job. And... Super Smashin' Easter is kinda growin' on me. Halloween would rule all.
12/31/2012 c2 4Azulhada
Again hilarious. Super hilarious! Funny chapter and well done! See ya next time!
12/31/2012 c1 Azulhada
OMG THAT WAS HILARIOUS! No seriously good job! Keep it up!
12/21/2012 c2 10Werehog20
LOL! Another epicly funny chapter, you are on a roll with this story!
The TL Breaking Pots and Iblis references were so funny!
Hope to hear some more of this awesome story!
12/21/2012 c1 Werehog20
... *Deep Breath*
Sorry about that, this just really stood out to me since I got Ocarina of Time on Cyber Monday ($20!) and since I've been playing that whenever I get spare time from homework. The Rupee space to carry joke, and the Epic fail of Link playing the wrong song both stood out as I admit I did those mistakes when first learning...
Poor Kokiri people though! X-( Lol it would've been funny if Link somehow used Song of Time to turn Child Link to shock the Kokiri or something, but this was awesome, on to the next chapter!
12/20/2012 c2 mario789
LOL XD that was hilarious!
12/20/2012 c2 4Cha0T1cPeace
XD So, after all the rules set by Samus, they STILL did it anyways. My favorite part was when Samus yelled at Sonic. Though I did feel kinda sorry for her when she had to put up with ALL of them at the same time.
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