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12/4/2013 c12 6jabsckbaskb
You, ma'am/sir, are an awesome writer! I really, really loved the story! Do you have plans for a new one for my candy love? I'd love it if you did! Again, I loved the story! Continue (like, writing in general)! :)
12/23/2012 c7 Rainbow Zombie
This is probably way too late, but I looked up the song that Kris sung before - Concrete Angel, which is about child abuse, she hates her parents, has scars, and fears water... I'm guessing she was abused? I'm not too sure about the water, though... maybe someone tried to drown her, or she almost drowned but her parents didn't help her (this happened to my mum, as her own mother was pregnant so she couldn't help.).
12/16/2012 c12 2Katerina-Evasivi
Soo adorable! Love this ending!
12/16/2012 c12 Sorry
uh oh! i forgot to read your last writing at the bottom! i'm so sorry! Please ecuse my ignorance
From: Phineko (sorry!)
12/16/2012 c12 Hrmm
This is Phineko, currently not logged in. My main response to this is Hrrmm... This was very good and had so much potential, and then this. This wasn't bad oh no! it just could've gone on much longer. If the reason was writers block then ask a fellow writer! Good luck on whatever story you have next!
12/16/2012 c12 Guest

you know you love me
FROM-Gossip Girl
12/16/2012 c12 Lazy hero
i simple cannot believ its over :(
Its was so good though so you should be very proud i absulotly loved
Thanks you so much for an amazing story :D
12/15/2012 c11 Guest
i think this is a good story

you know you love me
FROM-Gossip Girl
12/15/2012 c11 Katerina-Evasivi
Well Krysta's part of the story is mostly cleared up! I love this chapter and update soon!
12/15/2012 c1 frgf
12/15/2012 c11 Lazy Hero
Wow Krystas story shocked me this was an amazing chapter , your so great ! :)
12/14/2012 c10 Guest
i think it is a good story

you know you love me
FROM-Gossip Girl
12/14/2012 c10 Katerina-Evasivi
OMG! Update soon! Curse Leigh! Yes Castiel finally knows the truth! I hope Kris is well! Update soon! Great chapter as always!
12/13/2012 c9 Guest
i think it is really good

you know you love me
FROM-Gossip Girl
12/13/2012 c9 Katerina-Evasivi
OMG! Update soon! Leigh is a monster! How dare he ruin Krysta's and Castiels relationship! He is so blind! I hope she presses charges! I can't wait for the conversation between Lys and Kris! I CAN'T WAIT! Update soon! Awesome chapter as always!
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