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for Reading Too Much Rita Skeeter

6/29/2005 c1 22DarkStarDrusilla
lol. i really liked that. its going in my faves!
6/3/2005 c1 38Sapphire Dragons
xD I loved this! xD
9/12/2004 c1 1Jellyman Squirt
Crazy, crazy person. Rita's such a bitch! I really enjoyed reading this though - the song was good too! My fave bit was the House Elves' chant - "No Clothes! No Clothes! Good House Elves Do Not Wear Clothes! Unless Of Course They Are Told To!"

Crazy funny.:-D
1/2/2004 c1 Kay
"That owl doesn't love you!"
*DIES* Oh my goodness. I think someone needs to smack me on the head before I run out of air- that was *hilarious*. I was snickering the entire time and hysterically laughing the rest, particularly when Percy made his darling appearance and took his revenge. Not to mention, not only was it witty and very clever, but the writing was excellent and well-done. Things like that always make a comedy even more enjoyable.
I approve of your sense of humor. *snicker* And will now put this on my favorites, something decided as soon as I saw the "conversation" between Harry and Ginny. Oh, gods. Brilliant.
8/23/2003 c1 Witherwind
Muahahahahahahahahahahah! XD You protrayed evil Skeeter woman perfectly! Definatly worth the read! *pets mouse* Good choice, clicker. :D Adding this to the favorite stories list!

7/15/2003 c1 10Alysun
I simply adored that.

Amazing! Wonderful! Great! Funny! Humourous! All covering!

I could go on and on about your characterisation, your grammar, spelling, detail, description, the general brilliance of your writing in general, but..

Quite frankly, the fic says it all for me. So all I am left to say is that is as funny as anything and *definitely* worthy of reading again.

*adds to favourite stories list*
4/3/2003 c1 58shadowycat
That was hilarious! I've never been able to stomach Jerry Springer, but I love the Weird Al song, and you used it to great effect. You captured Rita and her obnoxious, nosy, and twisted style of "truth" perfectly. I especially liked her dropping in on Narcissa Malfoy uninvited, and her interpretation of the meeting was great. Nicely done! :)
2/28/2003 c1 laur
Very, very funny. I particularly like the visual of a screeching Percy-in-a-towel, hormonal!Ginny, protesting!House Elves and philandering!Narcissa. I hate those sort of journalists, but you've captured the style quite well.
12/17/2002 c1 popawheelie
Bravo! yay yay yay yay! Raven, you rock!

I think a really good fanfic would be to gather all of the bad reviews you gave Sonar and put them in one long story. I know I'd be laughing for weeks on end.

11/25/2002 c1 Jadea
Oh, that was great...I've got that "Weird Al" song, and it fits perfectly. And I loved some of the little jokes in here, like Percy and the substandard cauldrons. I like how you changed fonts, with bold and italic-it made it much easier to follow. I'm so glad you wrote this.
9/25/2002 c1 9Kaitzee
8/1/2002 c1 MoonFire nsi
No, you aren't a messed up Raven. Your sense of humor, on the other hand...;-)Very nicely done. I think I'll go dig out my Weird Al CD
8/1/2002 c1 kate
good story making fun of rita skeeter and basically everyone else at hogwarts...i liked it...read it now, all of you!
7/30/2002 c1 16Ozma
Oh, lord, that was hilarious! I've never been able to watch Springer for more than a few seconds, but I LOVED this story. Everytime Rita got herself into a new situation, I laughed harder. Poor Percy! And poor Lockhart. (snicker) The description of the Death Eater meeting at the Malfoy's had me on the floor! Poor Narcissa!
7/29/2002 c1 Cyrelia J
Holy F-ck! ::just about dies laughing:: This was too wonderful. I love all the layers of parody that you actually managed to weave into perfect satirial coherence. Good job! ::Applaudes::
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