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9/5/2013 c1 3Redvines69
I really like this one :)
8/19/2013 c1 guest
awesome! that was great!
4/16/2013 c1 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
Most of the time I just passover one-shots cause I really looooooove nice and long stories. I was about to do the same with this one, but Marius and ├ęponine shipping gets me everytime!
12/29/2012 c1 Guest
loved it , it was really good
12/13/2012 c1 37Eowyn Fauchelevent
In a way, I wish that had happened. But I also like E/E. Oh well, as long as Eponine's happy, I like both E/M and E/E. I just really like Eponine in general. Great story, I loved it! I love it so much that I wish it wasn't a one-shot, since if Eponine ran off with Marius, rather than watching for the cops, I imagine her father would be angry and I'm curious about what would happen next. But still really good! Sorry about the rambling, ADD issues :/

Mormeril, the Dark Lady of Insanity
12/9/2012 c1 18SunWillRise2340
12/6/2012 c1 6Sofia Michelle
Ah! Loved it! And te great it is in English! :)
12/4/2012 c1 23Little-miss-laughs-alot
Aww! Loved it!

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