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10/23/2015 c1 5Vodka21
Guest: I don't care if it's a "suggestion" I won't even suggest writing anything else rgarding this story considering I don't really write fanfiction anymore. It's been over a year.
10/23/2015 c10 me
ROTFL. U dont have to get pissed u know. Of course its ur story. Thats y i used d word "suggest". Its a suggestion. Lmao. U could decide to take it or not. Its completely ur choice :)
10/23/2015 c1 Vodka21
Guest: I appreciate you taking your time out to review my story. I understand your honesty. But, I will not rewrite this story just because "you" don't like it. Please keep in mind that this is my story and can do whatever the fuck I want with it. You keep yor fake apology.
10/23/2015 c11 me
Sorry i have to say this but u story really kinda sucked. I hate Ichiruki yeah but u made Rukia so insensitive. And u made Orihime like a hopeless love struck fool. Really it was just too much. At d beginning it had a little hope but from d third chapter everything just went downhill. Pls I would suggest u re-write this story.
8/27/2014 c2 4NewKidInTown
I really do enjoy your story but Tatsuki isn't herself ... She's a lil OOC .. Tatsuki would never talk to Orihime (her best friend) that way ... She would support her and be there for her ... Tatsuki knew why Orihime ran out so she wouldn't be mad at what she did (by running out the church) she understood why ... But hey its your story and you make it hoe you want but for Tatsuki to act that way is a real shocker .
8/13/2013 c9 a fan
Should this be a happy moment, a sad moment, or both?
8/13/2013 c8 a fan
TOYING?! He's doing everything short of flat-out telling you he loves you, and you call it TOYING?!
8/13/2013 c4 a fan
Orihime is not a horrible person! That's Ichigo, for F*CKING GETTING MARRIED WITH HER AS THE MAID OF HONOR! ARE YOU REALLY THAT EVIL, ICHIGO?!... but, rant aside, this is really very good, up there with my personal favorite, "La Belle et La Bete."
7/13/2013 c11 2Ermilus
Gosh the ichirukia was killing me I'm glad he ended it with hime
6/10/2013 c11 7Drakky28293
Feels like I finished this story in a fingersnap. I really liked it, even the lemon bits were great! .
I was very apprehensive about how you'd deal with the whole Ichigo breaking up with Rukia thing, but I'm glad it was clean.
Rukia wasn't painted as either victim or villain and neither was Orihime. So that's really nice.
Again, great story, I really enjoyed reading it! :D
6/8/2013 c8 xoxo
poor Hime, I wish she had somebody :(
6/8/2013 c7 xoxo
please tell Hime have a happy ending XXD
6/8/2013 c6 xoxo
Yay he has a crush on her XD
6/8/2013 c5 xoxo
I really hope Hime calls Aoi XD
6/8/2013 c4 xoxo
I hope that Renji would help Hime feel better
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