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2/9/2013 c7 IchiHimelover86
I like this story but don't like your other Story No Bounds Because is way to old for Orihime. Sorry but I don't like May December romances
2/1/2013 c7 2CharNinja LOL
Yea happy Orihime
2/1/2013 c7 Guest
Really good! Sad but good! Thank you :)
2/1/2013 c7 13Getsuga TENSHOU 15
Poor Ichi-chan c: guess he's stuck himself right in it by marrying Rukia whilst still at high school, you'd think he'd spend a bit of time with Inoue given she was almost killed back at Hueco Mundo
1/31/2013 c6 2CharNinja LOL
Just tell me this has a happy ending for Orihime
1/31/2013 c6 8xSeireiHime
Loved this chapter :) try your best and take your time :) update soon.
1/31/2013 c6 Shunsui-Sama
A good chapter, as I really like that Ichigo is finally getting a clue about Orihime. Also thanks for responding to my last review and letting me know the truth. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/22/2013 c5 2CharNinja LOL
Reality check for Ichigo
1/22/2013 c5 Zazzy
I'm hopping that Orihime at least had a great time in the club with Tatsuki. Though after that conversation between the three of them I'm assuming it will be more awkward and stressful for Hime than it already was when dealing with Ichigo. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
1/21/2013 c5 Shunsui-Sama
Unless this is going to end up with Ichigo and Orihime as a couple, then you need to change the filter to Ichigo and Rukia so fans of Ichi/Ori don't get sucked into reading a IchigoxRukia pairing like I did.
1/21/2013 c5 8xSeireiHime
Update soon :D I can't wait for the next chappie XD
1/21/2013 c5 Chuain
Ahh the Bad Friend appears again. Yes, I mean Tatsuki. She since the start of the manga has always been the worst friend Ichigo has. For some reason guys are expected to put up with women that try and can beat them up while being verbally harassed, this is also one of the reasons why I loathe IchiRuki. It's no wonder why Ichigo has cut her out of his life. However in real life many people seem to have problems coming to the conclusion that a persons whole life changes when they get married. There are things you can no longer tell you friends because they would be putting the 'family' business out in the open. Friendship also goes down 1-2 places in someones heart as well, usually.

I know that Tatsuki was trying to make it so Orihime enjoyed herself but if someone tells you they don't drink you should respect their wishes. I liked how Tatsuki told Orihime that her clothes made her look like an old maid. Tatsuki in the manga was always trying to tell her to use her "assets" more.

I also believe that the reason why Tatsuki and Ichigo's relationship soured is because Ichigo no longer acted like her "wubby" as Orihime still does.
12/27/2012 c4 Chuain
Exactly, just because you accept something doesn't mean you like it.

What I mean about Mental Fortitude is her ability to do what she needs to and doesn't sob all over the place except on others behalf. Not her own. She understands and moves on. I'm guessing my interpretation of Orihime is different then many because except for her Quirky personailty I viewed her an Chad as the most mature of Ichigo's Nakama, by far, and Tatsuki and Keigo as the least.

Er, the only way someone catches in this manga is an attack from behind or if they are too fast for you to register their speed. Considering that Orihime was able to follow base Ulquiorria's attacks on Ichigo means that no "normal" hollow should be able to out maneuver her.

Now on to this chapter :)

It seems that Orihime that in your story she views her non-romantic relationship with Ichigo as more important then her friendship with him, to the point it is distracting her. Is that intentional or am I looking at it in a different way then you intend?

I do like the entire Rukia showing up naked and Ichigo saying he was too tired. Of course urban legend says a man only turns down sex if he isn't faithful, nothing else should stop him (which is complete bullshit).

After saying all that I do feel the need to let you know that I do like your story and it is usually one of the first I read when they get posted :)
12/25/2012 c4 2CharNinja LOL
I can see Ichigo holding Orihime in the hallway making her tell him what's wrong with her
12/25/2012 c4 8xSeireiHime
Sorry hehe about last review was in high fangirl mode heheheh your lucky my friend didn't review she gets crazy! it scares me brr. anyway update soon I love your story :D
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