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12/12/2012 c3 Yuukiren
Hi I love how the plot is going to far. But I think you should make it whatever u want if u want to add renjixhime together to get ichigo jealous great cuz their will be drama...hehehe...!
12/9/2012 c3 2CharNinja LOL
Yea a little renji and Orihime maybe a little romance to get ichigo jelous
12/9/2012 c3 Norah
Like where the story is heading though I totally sympathise with Orihime. Can just imagine how she feels...Keep up with the updates :)
12/8/2012 c3 8xSeireiHime
Oooh add renhime let's see how the newlyweds *gags* react Oooh make Orihime and Renji start dating and also get married let's see how they like the taste of their own medicine *Smiles evilly*. Ichigo and rukia are too damn stupid to notice the feelings of renj and orihime so yea update soon
12/8/2012 c3 halcyon
Nice chapter. I cant wait for a next one. I agree that grimmjow should show up. It makes it more interesting
12/8/2012 c3 Chuain
Nice chapter. Your response was not rambling. :)

Yes it is very in character for Ichigo to be worried about her and discount peoples worries about himself. Going off by himself would be in character for Ichigo and telling Rukia where he went later. Yes people do what you wouldn't expect but certain things are character derailment, or would require a psychotic break in order to be feasible. Tatsuki deciding to become a prostitute, Chad becoming a rapist, and Ichigo torture-killing his family are examples.

Starting a relationship with the "I can't stand them being with anyone else but me/it hurts to see them with others" (jealousy) or lust are extremely bad foundations for relationships. That is why I don't like them, while a good relationship will have strong sexual attraction (otherwise it WILL fail), jealousy is usually irrational and is damaging to trust. There is a serious difference between being aware to your significant other and being jealous.

I am kind of wondering how a regular hollow would even injure Orihime. No time past Soul Society would they even register as threats for her. Her Reiatsu is no where near low enough for something that would hang out in Kakurakura to hurt her.

Lastly I noticed Orihime's mental fortitude has been lacking in this story. I was wondering if it is for plot purposes.
12/6/2012 c2 Koimiko
I like the story so far tho her friends are annoying one min they ask her if she wants to leave then the next their mad grrr but is this a ichihime or a renji and orihime either one is good in my book lol . can't wait for the next chapter
12/6/2012 c2 I CAN DO IT
omg more plzz
12/6/2012 c2 ngela
Hi!cool story!I hope you update very soon!
12/6/2012 c2 Chuain
As I was reading this chapter I have to admit I like some of the changes you put into this story. Most stories have Orihime not making enough from scholarships or grants. Since she obviously handles her own finance in Kukaura she would know how to take out student loans properly and probably has a credit card undersigned by her Aunt. This actually shows how intelligent Orihime is because it shows that she would rather do things the smart way instead of the hard way (working) most students are forced to. Of course that's not counting an apprenticeship
in their chosen profession, which is good to do in college.

I do have to ask one thing though. Do not put jealously into this story. I am not a woman and I don't think the same way a majority of the IchiHime fans do about our fandom, or the things that could or should bring those 2 together. But this is my feeling on the matter, having Ichigo get jealous over Orihime being in a relationship with another person is a slap in the face to Ichigo himself, and his character. Most men would only get jealous if they had feelings for the other and viewed them as an "upgrade". That is also completely discounting the fact that it is completely against Ichigo's character to behave or even think in such a fashion.

I guess I am more of an Ichi part of the IchiHime fandom while most fans are more Hime. Don't get me wrong she's my girl just some of the things that people think should be done to get them together would be disgusting behavior. If they could read some of the stories here they would agree as well.

I like your story even If I don't agree with her running away. She is brave because she keeps going forward no matter how much it hurts. However yes I do believe she should feel as bad as she does because her actions were not those of a friend. If it was really bothering her that they were getting married she should have declined being the MAID OF HONOR of all things. She didn't act with honor.

No I wasn't mad. I do more critical reviews on plot then anything else. It's just my nature I guess. Please continue writing. I can't wait for the next chapter. :)
12/6/2012 c2 Tenma
I decided to post a review after reading halcyon's review. For a while i thought it was crazy, but maybe you can put grimmjow in here too. It might actually work. Haha. Well, just a suggestion. And i think your writing 's great. I just hope you could write longer chapters.. Maybe next time. Haha. Will be waiting for your update! Keep it up!
12/6/2012 c2 halcyon
I love it! Pls put a bit of renjihime. I would love to see a jealous ichigo or hell put grimmjow in. Lol thats my comment but only you can pull it off for this fanfic
12/4/2012 c1 Chuain
I'm going to start off this review with a i hate IchiRuki and don't care for Rukia in particular. However if I was getting married and my sister (i don't have one) behaved as such at my wedding no matter what she thought of the bride then the little bitch would not be invited to meet my nephews or nieces.

I love IchiHime (have since 2005) but the real thing sabotaging this ship is Orihime herself. Since we knows she loves him (and only close friends of hers seem to know as well) she needs to let him know. A person so closed off as Ichigo (I will not call him dense because not only is it used way too much but because doesn't exist at all for him) will not notice unless it is layed out to him straight, as in comes from her mouth (it should never come from someone elses mouth otherwise it cheapens it).

Oh but about your story, please continue I liked it quite a bit.
12/4/2012 c1 Norah
I am an Ichihime fan too. I truly dislike Ichiruki. Can't wait for the next chapter though.
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