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for One of My Darkest Secrets and Weaknesses

4/21/2020 c6 Guest
This is a really good fanfiction i hope this will get updated
6/25/2016 c6 18Inazuma Yoshi
This story is awesome! No yaoi (SHOUNEN-AI) for once! Yas! XD
6/25/2016 c5 Inazuma Yoshi
Yoshi: You're on!
Neruka and Yoshi: *fight over Fei*
Fei: *sweatdrop*
Yoshi: Oh who cares... *goes to Midorikawa and shoves Hiroto away* how's the computer freak?
Midorikawa: *sweatdrop* Um... Hi?
Yoshi: *hugs asdfghjkl*
2/20/2015 c6 bamboo sword
please update soon.
8/27/2013 c6 17Children of Light
Hi there! Little reminder to you: Update soon! This story is great! I love Fey! And the entire Tsurugi and Hakyruu fighting over carrying Fey was hilarious! So was the little incident with Midori!
4/29/2013 c6 15HachimitsuOukan
Uwaahh hiii!
Even though it's not an update of the story... I'm still happy because... I miss you! XD
Nice to see you again! XDD
But ehh, I just remembered... 'Non-stories aren't allowed to be published'?
4/29/2013 c5 HachimitsuOukan
Wah, I forgot to review this chap! O.O

The way I see it, something about the format is a bit... Different?
Did you use another Word app to type this maybe?

Anyways... Only a very minor mistake, other than that... HAKURYUU YOU ARE SO NICEEE X3
3/19/2013 c5 30MegumareHikaru
awwhh... Hakuryuu... you're sweet! x"D

I love your story, btw update please if you don't mind :))
3/19/2013 c2 MegumareHikaru
I really loved this chapter! you did great!

okay, I'll read the rests, jaa... :D
12/18/2012 c5 31NozomiToujou
you really need to update this cool story ya know. IT'S SO FREAKING COOL!
12/10/2012 c5 roselea16
i love your story :D
i can't wait for the next chapter.
12/10/2012 c5 3Kikre
lovely chapter
Waiting for the next one!
12/10/2012 c5 27Pokefan291
I absollutely loved it! Fey is such a sweet character to work with!
12/7/2012 c4 3Kikre
It's soo much fun to read this
Please continue
12/7/2012 c4 15HachimitsuOukan
HAHAHA MIDORI & FEY! XD you two are arising issues, aren't you XD
It's funny- hoho I imagine what do they think seeing the scene LOL
This chap seems short...? Anyways I love it! XD Keep it up!
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