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6/27/2015 c1 Nathfhhggvvffjjh
Where is part two?
5/9/2014 c1 2pokemon wars 22
this story is great, i like the idea of red coming from the real world
1/21/2014 c1 TheUnknownHQ22
Please! Please! Update soon! Loving the fic by now!
8/26/2013 c1 Guest
This is a different guest from the last one. just saying.

Green is a girl in the American version. Blue is the girl in the Japanese version. I wanted to point that out for some reason idk why :P
7/11/2013 c1 15SomewhereinNevada614
*facepalm* I really can't believe some people on this site...

To the guest who's talking such nonsense about Kentucky and what not.

First of all this is fanfiction, I'm putting Red into the real world and he ventures through Kanto to find a way back home. I'm guessing you didn't read the summary?

Second they're not countries, they're regions!

Third, there's more than six regions in the pokemon universe. Look it up at bulbapedia.
7/11/2013 c1 Guest

Theres no such thing as Kentucky in Pokemon

Look, there are only 6 countries in this world
4/7/2013 c1 midnightcures
1/6/2013 c1 RedKetchum46
Ok first thing's first Imma help you i read ALL of your stories and your grahmer is pretty bad i would advice a spell check
Now...UPDATE people don't like people who don't update soon and you lose reader's I wrote on my brother's account so i know
Also please don't swear AS much my nine year old brother read's this
Thank you for reading this reveiw Good day or night which ever come's first
1/6/2013 c1 Naoto Koizumi
awww an amazing start of a story, i read broken and unworthy and loved both, also i am sorry to ruin the parade a little but i live in kentucky, in louisville, and really the area around has no area's you describe, but meh maybe there is one somewhere far away i never seen XD who knows, but i love the story, so keep up the good work :DD
12/9/2012 c1 bw agency
12/8/2012 c1 5NFS Kay Chan
I guess I'd react like that if this were to happen to me
Its a great start
Keep it up!
12/7/2012 c1 9That Wise Guy
Interesting set up. I feel Red's pain, I suck at Math myself. Anyway, I'm hooked! The gripe I might have is that I think Red should have had a name that wasn't a color then change it to the name "Red" when he heard the guy's name was Green. The explanation? Because he probably thought everyone was named after a color or something. Or maybe Green could have called him that because he is wearing nothing but red.

Anyway, I look forward to more!
12/6/2012 c1 a random reader
math? it isn't my strongest subject but also not my weakest. don't worry Red maybe you can have Blue to give you a *private* lesson. i laugh when Red thought that it was the end of the world and it's happening at his house. since it's manga, i can't wait to see tricky Blue.
update soon
12/6/2012 c1 1bluey-bear
Wow! Great story! And this is an awesome start! I'm looking forward to it! -_
12/6/2012 c1 16GraySparkles
Well, this is certainly new. A story that took place in Kentucky. Red's life must be great: studying his ass off, getting Fs, eating leftover chow mein, and getting sucked into an alternate world. YESH, you made Green awesome( Like how he normally is in Special) and not a total douche! Not to mention, I thought it was going to be Blue, not Green, who first woke up Red in the Pokemon world. Also, those last few paragraphs grossed me out. Like a lot. I can't believe you had them kill Pokemon, AGAIN! Though I guess that Rattata would have chewed up Red easily. But the blood and arrows was... gory to me. I hate blood, but this story is off to a great start. I do have a question though... WHY DOES RED SPEAK WITH ONLY SWEAR WORDS? Nice chapter, can't wait to see more... And you're probably surprised by the length of this review, and that I actually remembered to review.

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