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for Actions Speak Louder Than Words

5/27/2016 c1 2TyMatthews
I vision this is exactly how things went. Having not seen the episode.

Queen saved by Lance - A lot! Very good. Word plays just get me.
3/14/2013 c2 155NephilimEQ
Love it! Anything that involves Quentin Lance (always he'll be Harry Dresden in *my* mind) with another hot guy, specifically the Arrow...it's all good. I am now in my happy place before I have to go to a ten hour shift on my feet. :)
3/2/2013 c2 153IronAmerica
New chapters are always awesome. :)

Also, Quentin, you should know that joining the superhero club gets you automatic access to all the goodies, including standard powers such as teleportation at inconvenient times to the people you love/love to annoy the most. Ask the Cape, Batman, and even Hood about that. :)

Ollie tries very hard. How can anyone *not* ship these two? They're adorable! :3

Also, Diggle is going to kill Ollie some day. He'll smile too. And probably be whistling as he disposes of the evidence. Because he *knows* what Ollie is actually doing. And it pisses him off that his employer is such a dumbass. *whaps Ollie* We love you, but still. *sighs*

Cute end. :) No quibbles.

3/1/2013 c2 11Failed to De-anon
This was quite good. I am definitely liking "Quiver".
1/6/2013 c1 19kutoki
Haha Poor Quentin. I love this story!
12/6/2012 c1 5rebelwilla
XD You're back! I was outraged that Det. Lance wasn't in this episode too. DX I'm sure he's in the mid season finale. *fingers crosses*
12/6/2012 c1 47phnxgrl
Great humorous one shot! I love it!
12/6/2012 c1 153IronAmerica
This is turning out to be the best birthday ever. :D

Which means that Oliver's a dummy, and Quentin should be allowed to beat some basic common sense into his skull. *sighs*

Of course Quentin cares, Ollie. Good luck getting him to admit that, though. (I hear Chess might have some advice for you... :P *snerk*)

Oh god. Poor Quentin. *hugs him* Poor guy. :S *is trying very hard not to laugh*

Yes, I'm catching up. It's finals/finals prep, though, so don't expect immediate results.

Loved the story. :)


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