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1/7/2013 c18 akeginu
This was a really sweet story, thank you for sharing it. I like the thought that even the worst of us can change, and the miserable can be happy again. It's always bothered me how monolithic the evilness of Orcs is. It seems easy to murder swaths of people when you think of them only as monsters, and no matter how horrible Orcs are, they didn't choose the circumstances of their life.
1/6/2013 c9 akeginu
What a bittersweet chapter :(

Lathga is a real scumbag, and I can only hope he hasn't completely ruined everything with his selfish cruelty.
1/6/2013 c4 akeginu
I'm really enjoying this story so far! I wanted to review this chapter to say how much I like the way this scene mirrors Rakhan's tending of the doe.
12/23/2012 c18 Guest
So...yeah...your story... AWESOME!
Holy cow! D: That was such a heartwarming story! The drama! The action! The suspense! The romance! :3 And of course, the "romance" *blush*

Just...gaw...*gushes some more*

Seriously, amazing story. I'm glad I decided to check out this story, even if it kept me up half the night reading it :D Great job on this.
12/21/2012 c18 LOTRfan
I really enjoyed your story and have already begun reading Prisoners of Isengard! I really enjoy seeing the "other" side of the Uruk Hai when they no longer are under the influence of Sauramon.

Well done!
12/20/2012 c17 Guest
12/21/2012 c18 50Zoop
What a sweet ending! Rakhan is a totally awesome Uruk, well deserving of the peaceful life he's managed to attain. But you've left several doors open; might we see a one-shot or two coming along at some point? What will Elrond say when they meet? I'm still intrigued by the mental connection with Elves, and I hope you expand on it in either a sequel or a one-shot. The birth scene was well done - I personally almost crushed my own hubby's hands during my twins' birth. XD They just don't know what we're capable of until we're passing a bowling ball through the nether regions. Anyway, LOVELY scene, and glad Fangorn has been in Rakhan's corner from the start. Wise old tree, he is. :)
12/21/2012 c17 Zoop
Interesting thing you've got going on here, that was sort of hinted at with Gaelen in prior chapters. Rakhan's ability to sense the thoughts of Legolas. I'm interested to see how that plays out. And Serrick is officially on the 'pile of shit' list, even posthumously (which is how all members on that list oughta be).
12/21/2012 c18 31FireChildSlytherin5
Epic story. Great ending. Well now I seriously want to read a sequel.

I was slightly hoping for a girl; because that would throw Rakhan over the loop never seeing a "female" of his kind. But yeah a boy is good too.

If he does end up going to Rivendell he should bring his family with him (of course after when the new babe is old enough).
12/21/2012 c18 3Demiyah
Aww I didn't see it coming, but that was a happy ending. Thank you for writing this wonderful story! It was a pleasure to read :) Was checking my inbox every day hoping to have received a mail about an update. I'm not a native English speaker and your writing style has inspired me to touch up my own :)
12/20/2012 c17 31FireChildSlytherin5
Hehe, Rahkan calling Legolas brother. Now that would be funny and awesome.

Well ain't that an awesome twist of events? All is now good; well Gaelen is hurt of course but with Legolas there and Uruk-hai being kin to Elves their anatomy won't be that far different. I wonder if both Eomer and Eolina would wonder what Rahkan meant to Legolas.

Great chapter.
12/20/2012 c17 3Demiyah
Good! Eolina defended herself. What a horrible day.. King betrayed, all those men dead, Gaelen unconscious and Eolina killing a human (for the first time, I assume). I have to wonder, are they really ending it with a feast? o.o I wonder for how long Gimli and Legolas will stay. Will Rakhan accept his kinship to the Elves? Will he have other hidden powers? And will they travel with Gimli and Legolas or stay in the woods? Hmmm :) Looking forward to your next update
12/20/2012 c16 Demiyah
Oh my god, that last sentence! Thankfully you update so quickly, so we soon be relieved from the suspense of waiting to find out what happened to Gaelen and Eolina. Awesome chapter!
12/19/2012 c16 5skinpuppet
Holy mackerel this fic is awesome. And cliffhanger! dun dun dun...

There's one thing. Not a big thing, mind you, but I personally would perhaps have found it more realistic/interesting if Eolina hadn't been so quick to decide she loved Rakhan. I think the sex scene could have stood well without the declarations of love, even the realisation of love. The finding of pleasure would perhaps have been enough? I liked how she decided to go through with it, and I would have loved if she had kept an attitude like that for longer. Rather just feel more at ease and have an understanding with Rakhan that would have grown into love over a longer period of time, I suppose.

But that is just personal preference so take this suggestion with a grain of salt.
12/19/2012 c16 31FireChildSlytherin5
0oh awesome chapter! Oh escaped! Go after him before he gets to Eolina and Gaelen!
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