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for VG Park: Rage Quit

12/31/2012 c2 Theo
Make more my fellow good sir, this is pretty good, keep up the Good work!
12/18/2012 c2 8Phemon13
Ah I have that Poem on my iPod! Good name too!
I know this is a songfic, but it seems that the lyrics are taking out some of the substance of the story. Like: it starts with a conversation, moves to the lyrics, but when it comes back the conversation has a "hole" in it, y'know? When I think "songfic" I think that the lyrics are in the person/'s mind/s. Good job anyway, looking forward to more!

"Quoth the Raven, 'waiting for more!'" XD
12/7/2012 c1 IeatDeadpeople
I like the idea and the concept of combining a song ,that of course you like, between VG cats. I've never seen something like that before. I saw some people write poems that fallow along with the story with created a bit of feeling, sulkiness, and even in some cases they may cause distemper to the reader. This, I believe, is something similar to what you're writing. Some people may find your way of writing uninteresting, and in result they may lose involvement in your story. Also, did you happen to predestinate what happens when you run out of songs?

This chapter was nice and short. It's good to do that if it's your first story. I'm not any great writer but one thing I can tell you. Don't jump the gun on your first chapter. Few sentences into the story and you already know what the writer is up to. But! If this is your style of writing, keeping the chapters short and straight to the point, than do your will. I don't like people who criticize you about the way you write. So don't give a fuck about these people who rant and bitch on font of your work...but that's a different story :P

Nice first chapter. I'm willing to see the continuation of this premise. Good luck friend.

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