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2/5/2023 c4 Brockster550
Good to see Sirius get the trial he was denied for the longest time. Nice to see Harry reinstate Andy into House Black. Good to see Harry getting alliances early on. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
2/5/2023 c3 Brockster550
Dumbledore will be in a world of trouble now, and Harry won’t go down easily. I wonder how Harry’s first year at Hogwarts will go. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
2/5/2023 c2 Brockster550
Harry’s occlumency shields are rather interesting, but he realizes that security for his mind must be as high and strong as possible. Dumbledork won’t like that one bit, but his karma will strike back at him sooner or later. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
2/5/2023 c1 Brockster550
Looks like Fumbledmort won’t be hearing the end of being on the receiving end of McGonagall’s tirade. The ole coot always believed he was right, especially anything regarding Harry. Great start, keep up the hard work!
6/27/2015 c3 1eXceZz
Wizard Mont? Really? You absolutely need a beta and what you did with his training is to much. A 3 year old with so much control over his magic is impossible even with those memories. There are many other things but i do not wish to list them all. The idea itself was not bad.

6/6/2014 c3 ThatRandomJerk
FIX YOUR SPELLING! and the Grammar. Dear god it is absolutely atrocious. If you want more readers then fix the freaking spelling and grammar and get rid of the stupid before, after and even in some cases mid-chapter Mr. J crap. It is totally not needed nor wanted by your readers, all it does is drive readers away due to the blatant stupidity.
4/29/2014 c2 2DylanL
Interesting so far. I hope u don't inject itself into the chapter like wat u did with Vernon too often BC it is one of the things I do not like authors doing. I know it is a humor fic but still. Also I like ur very Matilda like harry and ur mention of the aerosmith song, though I question 2 things, 1 does harry understand the meaning of the song or not, and 2 where the hell did he hear it BC I don't think Vernon would allow such hooliganian music to be player in his presence and I don't see voldy listening to american muggle rock or any muggle music from after the turn of the century.
5/9/2013 c19 35coolhacker1025
Lousy as hell, plenty of spelling and/or grammar mistakes. The ending made me want to jump off a bridge it was so lousy.
3/11/2013 c1 That Random Jerk
Since you can't even spell "comedy" right in your summary, I'll have to bypass this story as it's bound to be filled with heinous spelling errors. Not to mention the summary itself doesn't make much sense.
3/4/2013 c2 LBII
if you paid as much attention to the story as you do your nonsense before and after this story would be much more readable.
2/18/2013 c4 Guest
So the kid is 8 and has PASSED his newts. Runs 10 miles daily and he's taller than me. O_O
2/7/2013 c1 Guest
If you didn't have so many mistakes in your story ("Little Whining", "professor Mcgonagall", "Dam kid", "lime light" and some punctuation issues), I would love to continue reading.

But with the way it is, I'd just get angry about all those errors. Sorry, but I'm a picky reader :)
2/8/2013 c19 Th'ataliah
So, this reads like a badly written grade school literary essay... very badly written.
With out a doubt you are in sore need of an editor, or whatever it is they call it on here.
I'm not going to lie. What you wrote here is barely readable. That said, I struggled through it because the story idea had merit. It was also very humorous at times as well as punniful; many times while reading I found myself sitting back and saying, "What the f#&k!" While laughing.
2/2/2013 c6 Sobbing
I kinda like it but can't get past/over the spelling and sentence errors, I wince everytime I see them and reading your story is making it seem like I'm having mass eye spasms. Please for the love of all that is good and wonderful and sexy get someone to beta.
1/28/2013 c1 Al
If you want someone to read your story, learn to spell and drop the bullshit author dialogue within the story.

It sounds like something my 10 year old nephew would write...then again, maybe you are 10 years old, in which case...good job and thanks for sharing!
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