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12/7/2012 c5 1RebeliousOne
This was my fav chapter so far. Between a probable friendship with Mione and learning magic from all over the world, it is getting exciting. Also, the unspeakables will push him hard since he has shown more promise than anyone since he is the only one to make it as far as he did. He also surprised them since they did not think that he would answer their questions which is great since it is not often that unspeakables are wrong in their profiling or caught off guard. Great job!
12/7/2012 c4 RebeliousOne
Harry is something else with all he managed to do. He already knows all english magic already wand wise so perhaps he will go to Egypt or another country if he wants to learn something different. He is only 8 so he may get his masters in Runes for example before school. I hope that he keeps challenging himself since there must be more knowledge somewhere which is why I mentioned another school. I was happy that Harry got his NEWTS so that he can get out of Hogwarts if he chooses. I would think that he will do just that especially if Dumbles is there. Even if Dumbles was not there, Hogwarts does not have anything to teach him. Dumbles would prevent him from learning anything useful most likely.

lol On the twilight bashing. While I liked the books/movies, I didn't think the Cullens were 'real' vampires at all. Drinking from animals? *shudders*

I am so glad that Harry met Andy and now she knows what Dumbles must have done to her to make her forget about being Harry's godmother. Now Siri is free! Will Siri be Lord Black now that he is free?
12/7/2012 c4 189Luiz4200
Yay! Sirius is free!
12/7/2012 c1 Luiz4200
Matilda is the main character of a Roald Dahl book, right? I remember watching the movie adaptation.
12/6/2012 c3 1RebeliousOne
You hinted that there will be plenty of changes. Hopefully one of them is that Harry goes to a different school since I do not see Harry impressed by what they teach since he already knows it all. This fic is promising and I hope that this is not a fic where Harry is completely different, but follows canon to a t or close to it. Despite his training, it is not his job to save the day until he faces Voldie if he so chooses. Personally, I would not blame him if he stayed out of it. If he were to go to school and someone died like Mione by the troll, that would be Dumbles fault since it is his job to protect the students, not Harry. I must admit that I would stop reading if that were to happen.

He would wipe the floor with the aurors in canon so I would think that a school that teaches so much more and is selective would invite this Harry. I can see his tutor putting in a good word. Personally I do not see the an advantage of Harry going to Hogwarts as a first year. Perhaps after he learns all that he wants, he may go back to take care of the horcrux in the school while he handles the rest beforehand.

I mentioned Harry making alliances among those that did not pick a sidein another review, but first years who have been protected by their parents would not be mature enough to take a stand yet in my opinion. Who knows? He may not even need Hogwarts students since he is making connections with people already that would be far more useful. I just can't see Harry letting himself be under Dumbles thumb since that would be entering his kingdom so to speak unless he attends under a false name or the old goat is gone. Please PM me if you have the chance.
12/6/2012 c2 RebeliousOne
It will be interesting to see how Harry's Hogwarts years will go. This Harry will see the importance of having connections. I would think that he would not put to much effort into the families that worship either Voldie or Dumbles. Most of the population did not fight in the first war so I would think that Harry would befriend the neutrals who did not want to fight for either of the two. It would be hilarious to see Dumbles face when he realizes that Harry does not need or want his help. By the way, I hope that he is not friends with Ron or ends up with Ginny.
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