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for Not as Grimm as it Seems

10/13 c42 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming please it is good
10/3 c42 6SoraMalfoySlythern
ooo I'm interested so much in this plot did not realize you updated! yay !
9/28 c42 AbbyFabela
good chapter! thanks for updating!3
9/27 c42 darkpegasuzz
Love the story, hope you keep it going.
9/27 c42 sun98
YAYYYYY an update! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that this fanfic had been updated! I was so excited! Lovely chapter and I hope to read more chapters in the future!
9/18 c42 bloodwolfsfame
This is the best Harry Potter and Grimm crossover I’ve read. Thank you for writing this amazing story!
9/17 c42 1MageVicky
good chapter! thanks for updating!
9/16 c42 vmage2
This is legitimately the best Grimm story I have read.
9/16 c42 vmage2
This is legitimately the best Grimm story I have read.
9/16 c42 Guest
This reminded me how much I love this crossover that I'm re-reading the entire story now.
9/15 c42 ColPotter
Thank you for the new chapter. This is one of my favorite stories at FFN. The character interactions are wonderful, consistent, and believable. Your work is a joy to read, and whenever you post a new chapter it is a much appreciated treat.
9/13 c42 ShadowedHand
Woo-hoo! Thank you for the update. I'm always thrilled to get more of this story :D
9/13 c42 18Horselvr4evr123
I know I've read these before but it has been long enough I couldn't quite remember, so... I reread them from the beginning and now I crave mooore. . Thank you so much for updating and I eagerly await the next chapter. 3
9/13 c42 2shadewatcher
LOL Yeah, death threats are anything serious to Harry. Even death attempts are fairly normal sadly. Poor Nick, he'll hopefully figure that out.
9/13 c42 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
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