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for Not as Grimm as it Seems

10/2/2020 c41 4TheBlueMenance
I really love this chapter! Harry's character is so on point, and Captain is also great! Even Wu feels really authentic. And I love the humour too!
10/2/2020 c41 1uniquecornishpixie
I like how you combined these two fandoms, well done! Also, I'm very happy that this chapter is a bit longer than the last :)
Thank you for writing and sharing!
10/2/2020 c41 TheSilentDarkAngel
when you've been in more trouble than several people's lifetime's worth put together, it's hard to fear a little mundane death threat...

thank you for the update <3<3<3
8/29/2020 c40 quaff
I’m enjoying your story. It’s such a refreshing AU crossover. Ta.
8/24/2020 c40 1PrincessMagic
god, Nick's such a sweethear and i love him

brill chapter :)
8/24/2020 c40 CrimsonSurvivor
love this
8/23/2020 c40 4ShadowHunter Mashell
Oh poor Barry and Nick is such a good brother.
8/23/2020 c40 Silvermane1
Great update
8/22/2020 c40 6SoraMalfoySlythern
killing me one purposes I swear! lol trying to dangle the words only to sweep them away. well if you want a deep review out of me I need more plot but I wait. I just wonder do you have a plot lay out or just winging each chapter if so try to see what you want main plot and then list events sum them up in few words then play your chapters around your plot. small goes to get to end goal. I look forward to reading more good luck to you!
8/21/2020 c1 Meg Murray1
Absolutely love it! I can't wait to read when Harry finally tells Nick his secret. Keep up the good work.
8/21/2020 c40 LirArtair
Great chapter ! Harry puts his friend above everything else but I like that he also have his own conviction. I know they're friends and all but I don't think it's easy revealing such secrets. Thanks for updating !
8/21/2020 c40 Guest
Yay! Harry's less angsty about his secrets.
8/20/2020 c40 kingZephyir
Updates! I didnt know this fic was still alive! Im so glad im re-reading all of my saved fics️
8/20/2020 c40 108Scififan33
Poor tortured Harry with all his secrets. Will he tell Nick the truth about himself?
8/20/2020 c40 1MageVicky
aww they're so fluffy and cute, lol. i think harry's close to confessing, if only because he seems like he's about to break or something, yeesh. good chapter!
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