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for Not as Grimm as it Seems

9/12 c42 lady sakura cosmos
good chapter
9/12 c42 4ShadowHunter Mashell
Still reading and loving this fic. Every time I see an update notification it's one I read right away. Thank you for another chapter, hope life is treating u well.
8/8 c41 paink1ller
I was surprisingly enjoying this alot, not that I came into it not expecting that just that each chapter was short and was worried about that.

Anyway enjoying it alot and hope to see updates in the future
8/1 c11 kenodoxia
Your Harry reads a little cringe because you're mixing perspectives. It reads like he's a bit too full of himself, like he himself feels that he's a great hero, and can do nothing wrong... It reads like he's narrating his story but keeps including this grandiose self-aggrandizing statements about himself in third person.
7/18 c41 The-Living-Shadow
Nice supprise to read this chapter. Randomly going through stories and realised I didn't get the alert that you updated months ago.
7/5 c41 Wolvie26
Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/4 c41 poyochan
wish you will update this..
5/25 c41 2Tera-Miller
please update soon it's a great story and I can't wait to read more of it.
5/20 c41 Wolfsvain
This is great a little short and skips around but still great, I hope there is more updates.
harry esta tan acostumbrado a los intentos de asesinato en hallowen que aveces creo que no se lo toma en serio en cualquier otra fecha
4/30 c41 43Von
I know nothing about Grimm but I have thoroughly enjoyed this story.
4/10 c41 EkaterinaSteele
Really enjoyed this story! Would enjoy seeing more.
3/25 c41 Quaerolumen
It's been so long! I'm ecstatic to see so many new chapters updated for me to read! I love love love this story - thank you for the hard work! :)

Monroe is so funny! And the interaction between Harry and Renard is always hilarious.
2/9 c41 9LilithAnnRose
These are so amazing, hoping to read more soon, but no rush. Loving how it is pieced together.
2/8 c41 Jostanos
May it be that the police captain knows more than Harry believes he does?
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