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for Love is a Hardship

11/28/2017 c11 Grade6dork
Boi, I love your stories but you need to stop scaring me so much!
4/30/2016 c11 Guest
Come on man! You got me *GOOD* once more. You'll have to teach me. I want high grades on essays. Come d' habitude ce chapitre est magnifique. Bravo!
4/30/2016 c9 Guest
Yet again you got me *GOOD*
4/30/2016 c7 Guest
You got me *GOOD*
7/13/2014 c11 QuiddityOfMe
not again!
7/13/2014 c9 QuiddityOfMe
ughhhhh! pretty soon im gonna die of heart failure due to shock! you had me thinking eponine was dead again! great story though! :)
7/13/2014 c7 QuiddityOfMe
you really had me going at the end...
7/13/2014 c3 QuiddityOfMe
*types review* 'i love this story!' *suddenly gets violent hit with something on the head* "ouch!" *realizes that this object is a cookie and gasps in delight* "COOKIE!" *eats cookie greedily* "thank you for the cookie!" :)
1/5/2014 c1 Sara
"She prayed to God on high to bring Marius home" Were you listening to Susan Boyle sing "Bring Him Home" on her new album? She sang it from a man's point of view though because she said it's a father's prayer, but not for his son though.
1/3/2014 c13 18PurpleKittyFangirl - ARCHIVE
One of my favorites, a pleasure to read. Great work.
5/10/2013 c13 Guest
You know? You have a habit of saying someone is dead and I panic thinking its eponine then it's someone else. So you really made les miserables live up to its name. And It was such a wonderful story always keeping me on the edge. Thumbs up!
5/10/2013 c7 3Autumn Reyn
I actually thought it was Eponine who died... until you mention Jean Valjean... phew... you really got me surprised there
5/2/2013 c13 Autumn Reyn
Great story! And I liked how this story doesn't make Cosette an antagonize but can still bring Marius and Eponine together!
4/16/2013 c1 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
You are like the only person that has the most Marius and ├ęponine fics! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah for you! I hope you will write more of them cause I can't get enough!
3/28/2013 c13 9Haquikah
Ha I'm not sure whether to beat you congratulate you on your perfect trolling. A good story indeed.
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