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for One Night is all it takes, maybe?

4/11/2018 c9 1Zulfije Lanica
Wow what an unbelievable twist, this story was so enthralling!
Thank you, you are amazing xxx
2/10/2018 c10 1JayBirdSoaring95
Was it 10 and Rose?

I am still not over that moment.

Good wishes and vibes, from me to you. Xxxxxx
12/9/2017 c10 Guest
I thought that the truck guy would be mikhail and not victor...
9/28/2017 c3 2xfangurlx
Huh. I can’t imagine ever forgiving Dimitri, quite frankly. And it’s not called being scared, it’s called being angry as hell. If I were Rose I’d be shooting daggers at the guy lol, I realize these nighttime hours make me more violent. G’night xD
11/22/2016 c9 Great
This is tippy af
9/10/2015 c10 2VAvixin69
Love this story and definitely want an epilogue and sequel! ! I just can't decide which ending I like better! ... will you be updating insta fame anytime soon? I love it so much and am desperately awaiting updates!... I'm a huge doctor who fan! And I cry every time I see that episode but they bring her back and fix everything kinda lol
5/20/2015 c10 8The cat with blue eyes
I liked both endings ! The basic storyline was not that creative but the fact that you decided to do it all in one night was so it helped! Also you managed to make them human. They know that nothing is solve but they are working through it ! That was a very good story, I enjoyed reading it !
4/9/2015 c10 alexlc
Heartbreaking. I have had a miscarriage and it sucks. I can't imagine looking my husband as well. :(
1/20/2014 c10 itsnotmyaccountiswear
Good story, I'm a huge fan of all ur stories...
12/14/2013 c8 hjkh
yaaaaa I don't think dimitri has suffered enough..i wouldn't have forgiven him period then again I wouldn't have waited for him for fice fucking years either I would have been with someone else,,,,Adrian perhaps
12/14/2013 c7 jkk
im having a tramadic experience so now I love you and you leaving my ass for five years is ok now..
um no stupid writer
12/13/2013 c5 dsfjk
she should just leave it there and go home. he thought he was doing what was best god like that excuse ever held water...it didn't hold in vampire academy and it doesn't now...! I cant believe you pulled that one and you just had to bring Tasha into it...god really...hate this story
12/13/2013 c4 kjsdfk
I don't see a point to this story cause having his pov means jack shit to me,,,hes still a piece of shit and theres nothing he can say to make it better
12/13/2013 c2 gfd
pshhh she knows exactly what she got herself into...please this story is so transparent its sick...she should have just told him to fuck off and went home with her kid...plain and simple. dimitris a fucktard. things had been hard for two weeks and he left for FIVE YEARS...fuck him he deserves no forgivness...there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING he can say to make this ok. but I know your gonna make rose the pathetic stupid bitch...you all ready have since she still loves him...gross
7/18/2013 c9 Ebonie-Roza
I love the story but this part is a bit confusing. Was the rest of the story a dream? If it is, i love how you have done it. The way you made everyone believe that Rose miscarried one of the twins and that Dimitri left and came back five years later was really good.
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