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4/2/2014 c12 4Goddess of the Black Rose
For the most part, I liked this chapter - anyone who's seen the show or read a Season 1 fanfiction knew what was coming, and I was curious to see how you handled it. I like that the conversation between Harry and Teyla wasn't a melodramatic "how could you"-type of argument. I think the fun part of the reprecussions will come next chapter when we see how everyone else reacts. Given the gossipy more dramatic nature of the Marines, I could see a bunch of people showing up to Harry and Teyla's next spar to see if Teyla gets her "revenge". Also, how the Athosians react to the appearance of Harry's distrust.

I did miss the interactions between Harry and Marines around Atlantis. I know you covered a little of it, but it was more a summary than an actual scene. If there's one thing I disliked about the show, it was that every-day life on Atlantis was mostly ignored. With Harry being there all the time you can explore things that weren't relevent on the show. You don't have to stick to the scripts.

Examples: teaching Athosians basketball; the other gate teams learning to work together (soldiers vs. scientist); the cultural differences between the nationalites. Like Teyla mentions that Harry is from differnt 'tribe' than the other soldiers, but he can't be the only Brit there. Maybe someone cares that he was born in Wales or that he has titles (does he have a title in this one?).

I'd love to have read the scene where Harry got beaten by a Marine sniper instead of just reading an overview. Plus, I can't believe that none of the other teams ever got into trouble while AR-1 was away and unable to rescue them.
4/2/2014 c12 1Neqs
Thanks for the update! I really like this series. Things I have issues about in this chapter: Harry's evasion tactic in regard to Teyla - it just seems OOC to me. I could see him either playing cool and not letting anything on or telling her he can't tell her something (although that would let on there's something to tell), but maybe I'm expecting him to be too super. What I liked about this chapter was that he wasn't too super - he wasn't the best sniper ever or even on the base. That's not to say I don't enjoy super!Harry, I really enjoyed the listing of his medals and heroics in the previous chapter. Thanks and looking forward to the next chapter!
4/2/2014 c12 fraewyn
Can't wait for more!
4/2/2014 c12 Thorvldr
I Apologise that I never write reviews for authors, I'm lazy that way. I am However happy to write one for this story. Followed it since its original posting and I am very impressed! As much as I liked the Stargate Franchise, you have added to it a militaristic realism that was missing, a real world perspective on war that made TV's SG a little lacking. The Concept is also so far a good crossover, which some people can go a little too far with into the realms of brainless ramblings.

Very glad to see an update, and on the edge of my seat awaiting more!
4/2/2014 c12 chris678
i like the idea of security clearance beween, pretty much the only inter ancient security you ever see is with the mad scientists like myyrdin and janus. never got how a society that can my ZPMs(which can blow up solar systems) had a base that can be terrorized by a single wraith but can resist an armada.
4/1/2014 c12 Phoenixbat
woop woop
4/1/2014 c12 BikerSHAM
Another amazing chapter in an awesome story. Keep it man !
/Salute, SHAM...8-)
4/1/2014 c12 Lycan01
Great chapter.
4/1/2014 c12 11Vangran
Well, I am glad that you updated, as I have been wondering when the next one would come, but I am supremely glad that the situation was resolved, as it allows Harry and Teyla to have more bonding time, which is always a good read. I loved the coffee date comment by the way. Really made me chuckle.
4/1/2014 c12 FinalGuardian
Was worth the wait. Introducing the Wraith the Barret .50, awesome XD. I also love the attention to detail used, very like a Tom Clancy novel.
4/1/2014 c12 shenmi meiren
nice. I like how you go into so much detail when it comes to military side of things... :)

(also - Harry's cute!)
4/1/2014 c12 Mitsukuri Tsukiyama
Good to see you had some time to post this. Like always it feels reserched and easy to read.

Anything less than planning to take down a full hiveship in the ambush it would be quite pointless and wastefull to ruin the once perfect ambush. I mean with the ancient transponder and its ability to call in the hiveship to their time and location.

Keep up the good work!
4/1/2014 c12 1GinaStar
Excellent chappie! grin Welcome back!
4/1/2014 c12 Rebel Metal87
So the son of Chuck, i hope your going to have him appear on a semi regular basis.
4/1/2014 c12 Zikarn Krais
I was hoping that Teyla WAS the traitor.

A sleeper agent, if you will.

Her locket being it is just rather weak, really.

Ah well, I suppose you can't really kill off one of your main characters, now can you? Or even have them be a traitor to humanity? Even if it's for the sake of the rest of her people.

It would've definitely be more interesting than this, that's for sure.

I think it's too easy just to say that they all hate the Wraiths with all their hearts. At least one or two might have enough fear to think that if they can just negotiate with them, they'll be left alone for a while, long enough for them to rebuild and prove themselves a threat to the Wraith.
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