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6/16/2020 c1 1AugustMoon259
Hm, I like it! In this alternate universe, Austin and Ally could just stay as friends. I think Jessie would become famous after the series ended, and no doubt when she becomes famous, she'll meet Austin again...There's definitely something to explore with this ship.
2/17/2013 c1 56Ms.NoGimmicksNeeded
12/11/2012 c1 12Dixxy
I don't know the show at all, and read the story coz ya wanted my opinion on how it's written. Therefore don't i give a damn about that Aussly drivel everybody is so keen on repeating about. Particularly the one of the first "reviewer" (hum, if you ever can call it a review...) who, for the sake of his favorite couple (and a rather poor pun on "alligator", i must say...), managed to NOT give her opinion on the STORY itself, but on the pairing involved. Someone didn't get what the role of a review is, i can tell... And as for the "worst story ever", i'd be rather amused to check what such a... "critic" (hum hum...) has to propose for stories...

Ok, so much for ranting, but people should get through their skull that a review must be a judgement on the quality on a story AL-TO-GE-THER, and not just on the pairing or the main topic chosen. It's about the style, the dialogs, the behaviours, the events, the feelings... but certainly not on merely WHO is being paired, goddamit !

As for me, well, since i don't mind abt pairings, and want to judge yr story for what i think of it, i'll say that this is an interesting shot, which shows how love things get twisted and complicated, and how one cannot predict how sentimental matter will evolve. Your protagonist sure is torn between two girls, and has difficulties to make his way out of the love maze. And i like that, the ordeal of love's obstacles, rather than just the plain worn-out lovey-dovey moonshine (yuck, silly ingenuous romantism of love blindness !)

Thanks for bringing brains in a topic - love - which often yields such soppy and excessively sentimental stuff. I just learned a word related to that : "mawkish". And that's no good. But your story here is worth reading
(nevermind the pairing, once and for all) and gives a good example of what love torments can amount to.

Oh, and... just ignore the negative comments ONLY related to the people involved. Take in consideration ONLY the negative critics which are constructive and meant to judge your stuff OB-JEC-TIVE-LY !
12/10/2012 c1 3StrangeFate186
Yuppp.. obviously didn't see that coming :/
Though I personally don't agree with the Aussie couple, it was still very well written :) I love how it really flows together, but if you don't mind, in my head I'm just gonna replace Jessie from this story and add Ally :)
12/10/2012 c1 IHTRD
So I don't ship Aussie but I must admit this was a nice story. You have a really nice writing style and I like how analytical it was. Austin is pretty bad at expressing his feelings but he definitely has them so having him try to rationalize his feelings for Jessie, in his head, isn't that OCC. :P Being an Auslly shipper I also enjoyed the add-in with Austin/Ally's friendship as well. :p

Also, I'm sorry if you're being hated on for shipping Aussie. Nobody deserves to be hated on and while I can't speak for other Auslly shippers, this one will not lecture you or bash on you for shipping Aussie. Personally I don't ship them but they're pretty cute and I sort of get why you ship them. :)

Anyways, awesome job! It was a good piece! :)

Also, don't take this the wrong way, but since it is technically a crossover couple it would go under the crossover category. That way, you can tag the characters as Austin & Jessie but then that would ruin the surprise factor of finding out who the girl in the story is so... never mind! :P

Awesome story again! :P
12/10/2012 c1 Auslly3
12/9/2012 c1 Girl13
I'm going to give you my honest view and I hope your not insulted. It was well written...but it sucks because Jessie sucks. I mean, I like the show Jessie seperate. I
12/9/2012 c1 11XxTimelessLoveR5xX
not to be mean but... WORSE STORY EVER! AUSLLY 4 EVER! Sorry but I'm a Auslly-gator

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