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for Child of None but yet of One

4/10/2020 c11 Guest
This is sooo good! Please update️
10/3/2017 c11 quicksilver123
please update soon thanks x
5/7/2017 c11 Applejax XD
nice, looks like she is preparing for the visitors to come XD
6/8/2016 c11 the trash
i loved it and can't wait for more
2/18/2016 c11 Guest
I wanna know everything. Will Chris give up Allison? Whats Scott trial( maybe giving up or truley see Allison)? Whats Derek and does he know stile first crush was him? I wanna know!
1/20/2016 c11 Guest
Love it. Keep on going.
4/26/2015 c10 Pineapples1
Sounds like shit is about to get whole lot more interesting!1
2/24/2015 c8 UmbrasLupas
I want more
12/25/2014 c8 sleephead
I really like this idea please continue
2/7/2014 c8 Pineapples1
This sounds like a really cool story and I always thought Alison was a little bitch, I hope Scott kicks her to the curb.
2/5/2014 c8 5Wolf Dragon Demon
Loved the end of this chpater, keep up the good work. Yay Lydia isn't so much of a bitch afterall.
2/5/2014 c8 6Audrey Noxy
You're doing great with this story and I hope you update soon!
2/4/2014 c8 Sexywolf123
I love you so much for updating this and will love you forever if everyone finds out about Allison and if stiles doesn't forgive them rite away 3
1/4/2014 c7 xXStilesKuchikiXx
More! XD
12/5/2013 c7 12Dethia1101
_ thank gods, someone who shares my belief that Allison is a psycho-crazy selfish bitch and should burn. I didn't even like her in the beginning of the 1st season because she made Scott ditch Stiles aaaaallllllllllllll the fucking time. Go You!
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