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for Call That A Comeback

7/11/2015 c1 67MC-GAR-IL
I too believe that this Alex and Stevie were such an obvious thing in the she (I mean she was there for 4 episodes and they got close enough to make Harper jealous of their friendship, seems pretty fishy). Anyways I really liked this fic thanks for the read.

MC over and out
5/19/2014 c1 Shadow of Dangerous Eagle
I loved this! I agree with you, they would have eventually come together. It pisses me off how they just killed Stevie and never mentioned her again .
7/24/2013 c1 EliTwiVamp
OMG I LOVED THIS! I am so glad you wrote this fic! It was amazing. And also, the last story of yours I reviewed, I didn't even realize it was yours. And now I'm all like "Oh my gosh it was by fact-tastic that's why it was so awesome!" And I'm really glad I came back to visit your profile again because I hadn't read this one yet for some reason. You just write such awesome fics! Okay, I'm rambling and I probably sound crazy. It's late, okay? I get hyper when I'm tired sometimes. Also, you shut up about being a bad writer. You're one of my favorite writers on this site! I love your fanfics! And also, Jade likes red is, in my opinion, THE BEST Cade fic ever written! You're awesome! I should probably go now before I annoy you too much. I love your stories though!

12/10/2012 c1 NeedNoName
Cool story, though it does have some spelling/typing mistakes. you are correct in thinking there isn't enough with this pairing, so it is awesome that you actually wrote one.

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