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for Broken, Beaten, and Alone

10/4/2020 c5 3FailingAtLife
Why do athuors put read and review after you read it?
8/12/2020 c16 Guest
omg max's dad and fang's mo would be the ultimate power couple of ruling over childrens lives!
8/30/2018 c50 Guest
Not bad,, my 1st maximum ride fanfic
5/1/2018 c12 ALL HAIL SKILLET
5/27/2017 c3 Elizabeth
Hello. So I know you're probably not going to read this because I'm only in chapter 3, but I have a comment. PLEASE DON'T SAY WORDS IN SPANISH THAT YOU CAN'T SPELL. MuchAS Gracias. UNO chapter.
Otherwise, está fantastico!
Me la gusta!
5/16/2017 c1 1DntlessAnnabeth
Alright first let me start that I enjoy your stories; a lot of people can connect to them including myself, and they combine that with closure that makes you feel good inside. Second, let me say what I'm about to say is just some constructive criticism from my opinion. Now, I read this story twiceonce reading every line of the songs; once skipping past every line of lyric. Yes, the lyrics matched what was happening ideally, but I wouldn't say the lyrics actually contributed to the substance of the story except for where Max sings to Jeb. It seems that you write as a sort of therapygoing from your notesand if that's all I understand if you want to have lyrics that mean stuff in for you. However, if you're writing for the substance of the story, I would suggest either leaving the lyrics out completely and focusing more on the emotions that the characters are feeling, listing just the most meaningful lyrics that matter, or doing how I've seen some authors do where they'll put in what song they're thinking of in parentheses or something and just let the readers decide of they want to listen or not. I'm also suggesting this because most of the people who read this genre of work listen to that same music, and like myself they read the first line, know the song, and don't care to re learn the lyrics to a song they already know. Again, this is just some pointers I think could help you if you're going for substance in your writing but your work is your work so you do you.
1/22/2017 c14 Answer
1/12/2017 c35 niki
your evil
12/14/2016 c42 Guest
Dont worry Fang. I havent seen my father in 7 years too..
12/8/2016 c43 7firebreathinghighlady
Chu as in Mr Chu from Max
11/15/2016 c5 2EllisaEvans
nice story
10/8/2016 c50 1NikoNikiLove
I really liked your fanfiction.
I didn't read that kind of awesome fanfiction in months.
I took me 2 or 3 hours to read everything but i'm glad that i've read that.
10/6/2016 c11 Zombie-Wolf26
10/6/2016 c7 Zombie-Wolf26
I wish you put Fallen Angel
9/30/2016 c50 1Queen takes all
OMG AMAZING! You should do an epilogue!
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