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8/5/2017 c3 Guest
Would have loved if this continued. Im wondering what Jared and Pretty are doing back in town, and what the board meeting is for. I'm thinking they are connected...
7/13/2017 c2 Shuis4ever
Shae! I've been reminiscing about passions and rereading all your passions fanfic (on here and at coffeerooms) and heartbroken about all the incomplete ones (shuis). It's been years. Hope you are still writing.
6/7/2014 c3 14Emolichic1
Please continue.
4/26/2014 c2 34batie-state-of-mind
Love it, love it, love it!
1/2/2014 c3 16Soul93
I missed your updates terribly! I'm really crossing fingers you beat off that writer's block, you have such intriguing and well written stories. Loved the update and will be waiting anxiously for ANY updates to your running fics lol. But I totally understand how RL can get in the way of your writing, so I wish you all the best- take care.
1/24/2013 c2 10whitedwarf

Can I just start by saying this chapter was really impressive! I was reading the update like normal, noting any particular description I thought very well written until one specific line of dialogue.
'...upset about your dad...'
It was like I suddenly perked and and focused 100% on the plot. I was hoping that it was going to be a divorce or something, I was worried It might just be because Luis had got chief of police and was spending more time away from his family. Then, the small hint of fancy tensing at marty's appearance hooked me even more.

The thing I probably liked the most was the triad of best friends: Marty, Maria and endora. I was upset to learn that maria's smoking was 'acting out' rather than normal rebellion because if there wad one thing I had always thought it was that Kay because she felt ignored and had such problems but also because her character is trendy would have been a great mum with the greatest of relationships with her daughter, not just the normal loving bond but a real best friend like connection.

So, what am I most excited about? Sheridan and what Antonio did to her, finding out if seeing Sheridan in pain brought back Luis's real feelings for her and endora/mart/Maria's strong bond of friendship.

But, when I realised that Kay and miguel were divorced I must admit I think I'm just going to skip their bits in future. Your a very good writer and I was looking forward to you writing a Miguel that loves Kay to death, she always got the short end of the stick and Reece is no constellation prize, sorry, no matter how sweet the show did too good a job in making him geeky, naive In a lacking street smarts type of way and having zero attractiveness vibe in personality and presence . I just had an awful thought, is the reason this story has charity because she and Miguel will reunite? Oh god, in sorry, it's completely unreasonable of me I know bit I'm simply incapable of reading a story where charity and Miguel reunite, even more than fancy and Luis being together and that's something! Plus, you Maria, who is brilliantly described and I love her sassiness, I think would be mightily protective of her mum, even against her dad. You just wrote her in such a cool way that I can't help but think she, endora and sweet mart will be heroes of this story.

I loved it but am terribly hopeful I'm wring about the charity thing, I'm still holding out that somehow you can fix Kay and Miguel without making her look weak willed or him a jerk who doesn't love Kay whole heartedly!
12/14/2012 c1 34batie-state-of-mind
Ooh great start Very poetic.
12/12/2012 c1 10whitedwarf
Question: I'm guessing that this isn't a one-shot right? Because it would be a little cruel to leave me hanging like this (chuckle)

Have you used some lyrics from Evanessence?(this is so not how you spell it, is it? oh well as long as you know what I mean I guess.)

It was a beautifully written piece of writing I must admit, it flowed and was a pleasure to read. As a prologue and actually completmenting Charity's character of black and white fantasy in itself it was brilliant! If you go on I could see you keeping the lyrical/poetic theme going in a small bit at the top or bottom of the chapter to descibe or associate Charity's feelings with. I have to admit though I'm hoping that if you do continue (which you should!) that the poetic describtions don't continue in quite so intensive a vein as the prologue. As I said above, as a prologue the writing is beautiful, unique and demands instant attention but as every chapter? I don't know, personally can't see that as not getting just a touch annoying after awhile, lol, but then I've always been hopeless at poetry and decifering it in any way shape or form.

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