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2/7/2023 c28 Guest
upload chapter twenty nine
12/12/2022 c27 my-secret-garden
Omg, the ending! Merlin is here! Will he offer Garrett some advice of the heart? No, but in all seriousness would like to see the two (or three with Ayden) to share a conversation, there is already a certain connection they share not only through Ayden but also through knowledge of the Forbidden Forest, but most importantly, it seems Merlin would be the best to help Garrett to look at things with different eyes.
As for Kayley, you are right having her still feel stressed even though she is perfectly safe by now, something like battle-PTSD is no joke. Adventures leave more than just memories of excitement.
Also loved Lady Juliana learned her husband had trained a young boy back in the days- will that lead her to Goodman Garrett? I hope it will!
12/13/2022 c28 22Mysecretgarden95
In case you are wondering, its me, my-secret-garden, only now with an account of my own.
If there were a way for me to apologise and make up for the fact that I discovered your story only now, when I easily could have accompanied you throughout your journey, alas, I would take that chance. Reading the notes you left with each chapter it is clear you have gone through quite a lot in these past years, and, with your profession and the world events I can only imagine much more. With the long period of silence on this side I can only pray life had kept you busy and that no worse thing has befallen you.
As for this story so far, it has surprised and touched me in many ways, as well as given many a joyful hour, kept me at the edge of excitement and made my heart flutter with love. Throughout the chapters I have already many times mentioned what has captured my the most about this story and always gladly given praise, so I would like to repeat those sentiments again. This story is one of the most brilliant things ever. The attention to detail, the attention to characters, the love with which you bound the movie-version with historic or fantasy accuracy into this, it all amazing.
So, here we are. And while I would love to see this story continued (and Garrett perhaps receiving a slight hit on the head with his walking staff from Merlin) there is no denying that you deserve to receive all the praise possible for the things so far. So, all I can say is: THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
12/11/2022 c26 my-secret-garden
Much work sadly kept me from continuing with this story, but alas!, finally another chapter is read. You covered the first moments after the battle fantastically, the fear and confusion people present must have felt witnessing it all, as well as later Kayley having to recall all the events to the king.
11/29/2022 c25 my-secret-garden
This chapter, THIS CHAPTER! And the ending! Im crying right now and unable to express myself in better words.
11/28/2022 c23 my-secret-garden
Devon and Cornwall to the rescue! Poor Garrett having to fly a dragon that never flew before XD Also, dear, dear Kayley upon reaching her mother.
11/28/2022 c22 my-secret-garden
The action and excitement in this chapter were fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And then in the distance Camelot appears, you can feel Kayleys excitement and awe as she sees it for the first time, the hope that everything might turn out well in the end after all- only to be tainted with the prospect of loosing Garretts company in the process. You know, the title you chose for this story always sounded great, but now I admit I only fully understand its meaning. “In Camelot…she would be tainted, seeing me only through their eyes. In the forest, maybe, she sees me as a knight… but in the streets of Camelot? I would hardly seem a man. More likely, I would seem as nothing at all.” It is a truth, even in our modern day society, that we (maybe even more than ever before) determine our own value through the eyes of others, that we often believe our worth can only be determined in how others see us. It is a false and dangerous notion. Our value comes through the sheer fact of of existence, our worth through our ability to face life. No one has the right to question your value based on limitations you may posses. I mentioned it somewhere earlier how, as a handicapped myself (I have SMA II or “weak muscles”) Garretts story always stood out to me, his limitations only giving way to creative approaches and determination to stand his own, as well as his self doubt of being less of a person because of physical disposition. The fact he came out as one of the heroes of this adventures can’t be anything less then inspiring.
11/26/2022 c21 my-secret-garden
Gosh, omg, the tenderness in this chapter! Did I by chance mention how absolutely amazing your writing is?
11/26/2022 c19 my-secret-garden
…..ok…. what to say after a chapter like this? I- I am utterly speechless, just trying to dry away the tears that are streaming down my face. No kidding, you pulled on all the emotional strings with this one. Yes, it was something you had written before, but this edited version went so much deeper and tender and…. just wow. The inner reflections both Garrett and Kayley have to dive into, Garrett this time the most, realising he had held much more prejudice against her and her background than she ever did to him, despite his handicap and lower status, the fact that self-pity is no excuse to behaving wrongly, you cannot forever hide in self-pity. The tenderness and vulnerability you show them both presenting, its just beautiful.
11/26/2022 c18 my-secret-garden
The sheer fact of how emotionally invested I am in each moment clearly showed here when along with Garrett I felt like shouting “Quiet!” at Kayley after sensing some danger. Stuff got real.
11/24/2022 c17 my-secret-garden
This chapter, was maybe my favourite so far, which is saying a lot given the high quality so far. Goodness, I could write so much about this chapter.
11/24/2022 c16 my-secret-garden
Even though I always had a soft spot for this movie, your re-telling deepened my conviction that the story in itself had always been one with great potential if the studio had had approached the project with more care. As a wheelchair person, Garretts story arc always fascinated me and I love you do him justice here. Our limitations can limit us in certain areas, but the ways of overcoming them are there.
11/24/2022 c14 my-secret-garden
The way this story progresses, the way you combine all elements, the individual pattern of speech, the characterisations, manner of travel difficulties as well as little hopes and fears, its all woven together beautifully! Kayley having so long dreamed and wished for adventures of a Knight faced with the reality of such hardships, reflecting on her unwarranted behaviour towards her mother, realising part of her frustrations come from the fact of how she still misses her father incredibly. Garrett meanwhile, having forsaken any human society, being torn out of his solitude on a journey that has him reflect on his views and behaviour as well. Gosh do I love your story!
As for your Authors Notes, it pains me you had to go through so many things along the way, I wish I could have offered you comfort right away and hope that by now your life is well.
11/23/2022 c12 my-secret-garden
Probably repeating myself too often but your story is amazing. Now with Devon and Cornwall as their guides the adventure truly couldn’t be any crazier XD
11/23/2022 c11 my-secret-garden
Was wondering how you’re gonna do the Twins, I mean, in the movie they are on the brink of being annoying yet with a tiny re-write they could have been really fun. You seem to have found that balance.
Also, liked how you let Ruber question for a moment his own sanity, we know he is beyond saving but it does give an impression of him being once a more or less ordinary guy.
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