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4/27/2017 c1 1ViciousDelicious16
After all these years this stays my favourite fanfiction of all mass effect fanfictions! I still love the characters, writing style, none grammar mistakes, eye for detail and the love story! Thank you for writing this!
10/15/2015 c2 NH7856
I LOVE this! The turian bartender in Dark Star is my 2nd Senpai! :3 (Garrus is my ultimate Senpai! :#3)
9/19/2014 c3 LadyXarity
*cough* allot of people are going to need cold showers after this chapter.. *cough*
12/19/2013 c3 ViciousDelicious16
Nohhh please make more OC's fictions! Those are awesome! Love the story 3
6/12/2013 c3 8LadyCeruleanBlue
Wow! That was a beautiful love story! I thought it was cute and to the point - a turian cook creates a dinner for his girlfriend...but it was so much more. Sometimes I don't want thirty chapters to a story, and this definitely sated my thirst for a good, turian lovin'. Thanks for writing!
5/2/2013 c3 silverdragon0315
I grin so much at this fic :D made my day i really enjoyed it!
2/2/2013 c3 1Becka3490
i love it! amazing in every word, the character seems so real, really well writed!
1/24/2013 c3 5Candle in the Night
I guessing you like chicken paprikash? Ho ho.

Not a bad birthday indeed, no wonder Turian men are so favorable, they don't half plan a good date! Must be all that military training, what with all the planning and such.

Nice work. It's not easy making up your own characters but I think you used a lot of creative license. And thank god Claire didn't ingest! I was hoping that wouldn't appear. It would make me look so lame if when reading a sex scene I complained about an inaccuracy. Thank you for sparing me such an incident.
1/24/2013 c3 CyanB
Totally worth the wait!
1/24/2013 c3 8Detective-Mason
So cute and passionate. A great, happy end for their story. Good job!
1/23/2013 c3 31barbex
For a minute I thought they saw Shepard and Garrus in the cinema.
Yay for sexy times! And I like that he thought her to be beautiful, if humans find turians attractive why shouldn't it work the other way around?
1/23/2013 c3 65Suilven
"The movie started soon after that, but for the first time ever he couldn't care less about Blasto and his adventures; all that mattered was Claire sitting right next to him, her five delicate fingers entwined with his own three thick digits, her head on his shoulder, and the promise of the next night in his heart."

*happy sigh* I love that Anna and Etarn are together, too. :D

This left a huge smile on my face:

""Wait!" she exclaimed and she squeezed his arms hard.

His heart sank and he froze as he was, unable to move or breathe for a moment. Did she change her mind? Or did he misinterpret her words?

"The ice cream! I'm not going to let it go to waste," she declared with fierce determination. "Let's put it back into the freezer first.""

Silus is so sexy and sweet, but of course she couldn't let the ice-cream melt! ;)

And this made *me* melt:

"His mandibles flared in the biggest grin she'd ever seen, and when he rolled onto his side and she snuggled in next to him, stretching her arm across his stomach, he thanked the Spirits for leading him to this incredible place and letting him meet this wonderful woman. And most of all, he thanked them for the one thing that made all this possible; the one thing without which this never would have happened: the amazing, delicious, unbeatable chicken paprikash."

This whole story just makes me feel happy all over. Wonderful stuff. :)
1/23/2013 c3 14Author-Of-Sin
Awesome finish, hot turian lovin' as ALWAYS, sweet and wonderful and just... Oh, I loved it.
Bravo m'dear! Bravo!
1/12/2013 c2 amber
What happen next?
1/8/2013 c2 3Reficula
I like this very much. Because of course we all enjoy Garrus/shepard action, but really, the turians are themselves a whole BUNCH of interesting romancables to pair off with a multitude of interesting humans. Doing believable OC's helps to prevent the ME characters drifting way too much out of character, but keeps the universe, species and general allure. Good job
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