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for Digimon TAMERS LEGACY: Book One: Reunion

8/5/2020 c1 SirchSidhe
Oh, damn, that final line! Expertly done.
4/27/2014 c12 ApprenticeOfDaedalus
Truthfully, I don't like the Royal Knights as villains. I'm happy you made them good.
10/19/2013 c1 SharpSoul
Really captivating, I'll have to keep reading some more!
1/26/2013 c14 6sharkpedofromverpets
*Looks for book two and doesn't find any. Narrows eyes*

I'm not pressuring you, but when will you update? Looking forward to the sequel. Takato disappearing makes me smile, I don't know why.

Must've been looking for Pokemon stories too much. It's good to search for Digimon again.
1/18/2013 c12 Type
So first of all, I watched the subbed version of tamers while this appears to be based on the dubbed version. you have been warned

Second, yeah I do not like time jumps. Mostly because It means missing adventures, fluff and other such bits. Although I do understand why you did that it is just that I would have liked to see all/most of the adventures, interactions/fluff between Takato and the digimon. But on the other hand that was not the focus of this fic.

Third, the bio-merge between Guilmon and Takato seems off, during bio-merge evolution, they are from what I understand pretty much one being, if one senses something the other senses it. Also I think that when they communicate during bio-merge it is by thought, not voice.

Fourth, not enough H.P. Lovecraft. The show had quite a few of those themes, keep in mind that one of the people who worked on the show wrote (if I am correct) for the Cthulhu mytheos.

But otherwise I liked it. Keep it up.
1/18/2013 c14 ExodusClaw
I liked the text idea,though I think you should do all the group talk,finish it,and then keep on with the one to one texts. Anyways,I'll be there for book two,hope you don't mind,and go ahead and take your time with the planning. Though I liked this book,I can see that you did rush this ending,so i'd prefer you to take your time and make an awesome story,than rush it and kill the series and make me hate it.

So,anyway,again take your time,and continue the good work. Goodbye
1/17/2013 c13 ExodusClaw
Glad you actually appreciate my advice,I thought I had offended you at one point since you were late at posting;I still think the development and sentence structure can be improved,but I think this chapter wasn't all that bad,except for a few you did what you meant to do;You confused me xD And I,like some previous psoters,am looking forward to Rika's reaction :) I wonder how she'll act? After not seeing him for this long. Mad? Happy? A mixture? Possibly even cold,for running off like that. Whatever you do,though,make sure you put your own style on it,because that's mostly why I read this story,just make it seem like something she'd do! :)

P.S. I understand you didn't want to write a fighting scene,but I find it funny,because I'd do the complete opposite,and write a detailed one :) Still,that just means it won't seem like i'm copying you if I do write a story like this :

So,as always,good job and keep up the good work. Goodbye
1/17/2013 c13 ultranx
can't wait to see the conversation between Takato and Rika and see how it plays out. Idk, I think you did fine but I'm not a writer so Idk.
1/12/2013 c12 ExodusClaw
Honestly,I'm REALLY glad that you're ASKING for DETAILED reviews;It proves you like writing,you actually CARE about your stories,and that you want to improve,so kudos to you for ,so I like your ideas and concept,so I continued through this series but...-Takes a deep breath-
I have a lot of things I want to say but here are the problems I find;Characters/OCs/Personality,sentences/details,development and finally remembering what's going on (If I think of more,I might PM you or just comment somewhere else,hope you don't mind.)

1)So,first things first;Characters and OCs.I understand how the characters react and I understand you want to input your own original characters and things but I just can't seem to CONNECT to example,who the heck are your OCs and WHY should I care about them? I don't mean to sound mean or anything,I just want to know WHY they're there and their might be saving it for a later story but the way you introduced them I felt they were kind of boring and didn't matter;Plus there's so many of them I kinda get them mixed up at for the Takato and the Digimon their personality's feel a bit...ROBOTIC,I think is the term I should see,I could understand somethings,but they say things way too short or act kind of odd at times;but the rest of this part connects to sentences/details and development,since most of them are rooted to each other.
2)Sentences/Details;Honestly,the sentences just feel way to short and unrefined (Plus there're occasional typos,but those can be edited and pointed out,and I can brush past them);Now,I personally kind of like your writing style;Don't know why,just I think you need to describe MORE,and combine words more (I understand some characters like Gallantmon and Renamon not doing,but for most or just narrating,please keep it combined for the reader's sake).I'm sorry,it's just because I want more details,because I can't picture some things.I personally want to know the others EXPRESSIONS;You don't need to be a genius or a rocket scientist to see and determine a troubled mind from a blissful,and at ease ,If you put more details there,I could connect to your characters better and understand their views and their actions.
3)Development;This is a BIG and SUPER DUPER important part of ANY story.I don't care what it's about,who it's about,but if it has good story and character development I COULD READ FOR 's not that you're story doesn't have ANY development,it just LACKS example,Guilmon and Takato's reunion;It felt way too short and brief,even though there was a fight.I personally thought they were gonna have a little moment before they got interrupted and one is the development between Takato and the other Digimon;Takato,Renamon,and Lopmon's been together for A LONG TIME,and I want to see them connect,even if it's just a little;To see they really HAVE been together for almost 3 years and ARE friends now,more so than before after going through near death experiences together for so long.
4)Last thing;REMEMBERING THINGS.I really can't do it that well...Especially when I get I get bored I skim,and I hate to say it,but I DID skim in this series;I hate the say that,because I feel like I'm not really appreciating the fact you took your time out to write this story,even though I sometimes I just didn't feel into this story and just wanted to see what happened next;Thinking things like,"Oh It's the OCs again..." Or,"Meh...This scene is okay,but kinda boring...-Skims down-".Again,it's not you're doing anything wrong,I just don't really feel anything from the things that are said;Nothing suspensful or satisfying or that could be something that would be used later as a MAJOR plot things are just...there,for the sake of that's what it feels.

I'm sorry,I really am,for typing so much,and not even being able to go even further into detail,but other people need room to comment and review too,so I'll end it here.
But remember,this is all just personal prefrence that I'm trying to point out not to put you down,but try to help make you even BETTER than you are now. Since all the bad stuff are out of the way,I think I should also compliment example things like the idea;Sure,Takato going to the Digi world isn't really original,but I find it really cool how you didn't include the other tamers because that's kinda something I can imagine Goggle head would do! He'd be worried,and,though he MIGHT'VE gotten caught in reality,I prefer seeing him mature and grow (MAKE SURE YOU DEVELOP THE CHARACTERS!).

Thank you for writing,continue the good work,and Goodbye. (P.S. Glad I caught up and got to comment before you ended "Book One" too :D;Maybe you could use some of these things for the sequel?)
1/12/2013 c12 Viralkazedragon
I like that you described the bio-merge with Takato and Guilmon, since it brings back memories of the season. As for the fight scene in this chapter, it seems to be getting better since your first, more detail in the fight. I like it and I can't wait for next book and for more rukato.
1/12/2013 c12 ultranx
this looks epic so far, Takato and the others allies with Yggdrasill and the Royal Knights without Yggdrasill going crazy and having to fight them, very interesting read.
1/9/2013 c2 Guest
Hrm,again,a few misspellings,but nothing out right bad...Btw,forgot to say,I liked the prologue,especially the ending :)

This chapter gives me a whole lot of questions that will hopefully be answered in the future (Probably will,for character development and a history lesson).

Not much to comment else on,other than the fact that I read both previously mentioned authors in the Prologue,and,strangely enough,found you on my own rather than a review or something on their stories.

(Might stop the constant reviews and just wait till the end and do a big one)
1/9/2013 c1 ExodusClaw
Oh wow,I'm actually getting excited for this;And for the first time,I'm ACTUALLY reviewing something BEFORE the end;And glad you can take some constructive criticism And (Again for a first( I'm gonna actually point out some spelling mistakes; You put "quite",when you meant "quiet". Also,you put "Cloth" but I think you meant clothes?

Anyways,I'm really looking forward to this,so don't disappoint me!
1/5/2013 c10 ultranx
epic so far, hope he finds all the digimon and it gets to the rukato moments soon, unless that won't be until book 2, i hope not
1/5/2013 c10 3Gladius52
Its spelled finale hope it helps. :)
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